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Education Overview

Train Pre & Postnatal Clients Safely, Effectively, and Confidently

If you entered the health and wellness field to make a positive impact on people’s lives, nowhere is that opportunity greater than with the pre and postnatal population. Each year, millions of people enter the “ultimate athletic event” of pregnancy, yet many are bombarded with conflicting information that leaves them unprepared to manage the stresses placed on their bodies. You have the power to change this paradigm. You can help your clients achieve their “personal best” in what is truly the event of a lifetime. Explore how we can help you do this through our courses and other resources below.

Pre/Postnatal Courses

We offer two different certificate courses tailored to different needs -- those seeking the most in-depth education to be able to train pre & postnatal clients, and those simply in need of the basics to be able to coach them better in a group fitness setting.

Specialist Course

Our signature course, and most comprehensive education to earn your specialty certificate to be able to train pre & postnatal clients.

Specialist Course

GroupX Mini Course

A short (but powerful) course that teaches instructors how to safely and effectively coach the pre & postnatal participants who attend their classes.

GroupX Mini Course

Training Guides

Explore our guides to help you build your pre/postnatal expertise in specific areas.

Movements to Avoid by Trimester

Learn the movements to avoid, or regress, by trimester — with evidence-based information as to why — to help your clients mitigate pain or injury and recover faster.



Learn the steps to designing prenatal training programs that will help your clients thrive during pregnancy, confidently prepare for birth, and emerge even stronger.

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Your Guide to Diastasis Recti

Learn what DR is (separating fact from myth), understand its causes, discover how to check for it more accurately, and learn powerful tips to kickstart healing.

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Additional Courses

We offer two additional courses to help you build fundamental skills that are necessary for becoming a great coach. These courses are NOT specific to pre/postnatal, but they are certainly important for working with this population.

Program Design Course

Learn how to design cohesive personal training programs that can help all your clients better achieve their goals

Programming Course

Coaching & Feedback Course

Discover an evidence-based way to teach your clients that will accelerate their learning so they progress faster.

Feedback Course

Join Our Community

In addition to the resources above, we also encourage you to join The Pre/Postnatal Professional Community — a FREE private Facebook Group where you receive direct access to the PROnatal Fitness Team and a diverse network of professionals united by our desire to better serve the pre & postnatal population. It’s a great forum to ask questions, get support, and network with like-minded professionals.