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Education Overview

Become the Coach that Every Pre & Postnatal Client Deserves

If you entered the health and wellness field to make a positive impact on people’s lives, nowhere is that opportunity greater than with the pre and postnatal population. Each year, millions of people enter the “ultimate athletic event” of pregnancy. Conventional guidance tells them to “take it easy” or to “modify,” but this advice often leaves them unprepared to manage the specific, high-stress demands placed on their bodies. You have the power to change this paradigm. You can help your clients achieve their personal best in what is truly the event of a lifetime. Explore how we can help you do this through our courses below.

Pre/Postnatal Specialist Course

Explore our signature course to become a Pre/Postnatal Performance Training Specialist. Enroll any time and progress through the learning modules at your own pace to receive your Certificate & CECs. Discover everything you receive, and the impact you can make, from enrolling in this course.

Become a Specialist


“I believe that this training methodology can help revolutionize motherhood and support it being the STRONG and POWERFUL experience it is meant to be!

Nicole Katz, Structural Yoga Therapist

“I promise you, this course will positively impact the way you train ALL your clients.”

Sarnia Ogidan, Certified Personal Trainer

“I’ve taken so many other pre/postnatal courses, and this one by far was the most comprehensive and practical. I cannot recommend it enough!” 

Colleen Lindberg, Certified Personal Trainer

“Every fitness professional working with female clients should be required to take this education.”

K.A.B, Former Professional Soccer Player & Current Coach/Trainer

Become a Specialist

Explore Our Mini Courses

We offer mini courses on various topics to help you improve your pre & postnatal coaching expertise. There are no pre-requisites to taking these courses. Most of the concepts taught in these courses can be applied to ALL clients, not just your pre & postnatal ones.

Group Instructor Course

Learn how to easily and confidently coach the pre & postnatal participants who attend your group fitness classes

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Programming Course

Learn how to design cohesive personal training programs that can help all your clients better achieve their goals

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Coaching & Feedback Course

Discover an evidence-based way to teach your clients that will accelerate their learning so they progress faster.

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