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Self-Guided Programs

Get a Safe & Effective Training Program Tailored to Your Stage

Explore our prenatal and postpartum self-guided training programs delivered on the PROnatal Fitness app. Your workouts build on one another to progress you through a comprehensive training program tailored to your stage. You’ll also receive nutrition guidance, weekly tips and education, and access to a private support community. Learn more about each of our programs below.


Prenatal Programs

Select the program that’s right for you based on how far along you are when starting.

36-Week Program

Select this program if you are 0-8 weeks pregnant. This is the ideal program because the more time you have to prepare your body for this journey, the better. It includes 108 workouts that progress you through our prenatal training stages – Foundation, Strength, Birth Prep – to help you mitigate pregnancy pains, confidently prepare for birth, and recover faster afterward.


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24-Week Program

Select this program if you are 9-19 weeks pregnant. It includes 72 workouts that progress you through the same prenatal training stages, but in a manner that’s appropriate for your body given your stage when starting. This is our most frequently purchased program, and it is a great way to prepare your body for the later stages of pregnancy and childbirth, and facilitate a faster recovery afterward.


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12-Week Program

Select this program if you are 20+ weeks pregnant. Includes 36 workouts to help you prepare your body for the later stages of pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum recovery. NO, it is not too late to start at this time. The exercises you do on and the strategies you learn will help you mitigate third trimester pain or discomfort, prepare for birth, and recover faster afterward.


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Postpartum Programs

Select either our Core Recovery Program, or the Full Postpartum Training Program (which includes Core Recovery + Total Body Workouts).

Core Recovery Program
8 weeks: $79

This 8-week program contains a daily 5 – 8 minute core “routine” that progresses each day to help you rebuild your core from the inside out. It also includes movement habit adjustments and education to help you expedite your recovery. Ideal for healing from diastasis recti or a cesarean birth. Safe to begin immediately after delivery, or several years later.


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Postpartum Training Program
16 weeks: $129

This 16-week program includes everything in the Core Recovery Program PLUS total body workouts that progress you through our postpartum training stages to help you safely and effectively build strength. You’ll also receive nutrition guidance and additional resources to support your recovery. Begin as soon as you are cleared by your doctor to exercise, or several years later.


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Equipment Needed

Our workouts are designed to be done in-home. The only equipment we ask you to purchase for your workouts are these resistance bands (or something similar) and door anchor. Other than that, we’ll use traditional household objects (and depending on your floor, you may want a mat or towel). The Core Recovery Program does not require any equipment. These workouts can also be done in a gym. You will still need the resistance bands, but you will not need the door anchor.

Looking for More Personalized Support?

Are you interested in a more customized training program and/or personalized support and accountability? Consider working with an expert pre & postnatal coach. You can work virtually with one of our very own PROnatal Personal Trainers or find a PROnatal Certified Coach near you.

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The key difference is that these are training programs and not just workouts. In other words, the workouts build on one another, and progress in a very specific way to help you truly master movements and create greater changes in your strength, posture, and aesthetics.

In our prenatal programs, you’ll begin by establishing a solid foundation of neutral alignment, proper movement mechanics, and deep core activation. Then, you’ll progressively build strength to help you better manage the stresses of increased weight gain and other physiological changes. In the later stages, we begin techniques to prepare you for birth, including LIIT (Labor Intensive Interval Training) and Pushing Prep. You will also begin learning tips to expedite your postpartum recovery.

Our Postpartum Training Program follows a similar structure to the prenatal programs. You begin by focusing on Core Recovery and establishing a solid foundation of neutral alignment and proper movement mechanics. Then, we progressively build your strength (including your core strength) to help you get back to doing everything you love (and perhaps more).

The other key difference in these programs is the education you receive. See third question below.

The workouts are structured more like a personal training session (vs. a class where you follow along to music). They are expected to take you about 30 – 40 minutes to complete.

You will begin by selecting the days you want to workout in your app (you can always change these). Your app will remind you when you have a scheduled workout.

Open your workout, and the app will guide you through the session step-by-step. For each exercise, you’ll see a video demo (like this) with guidance on how many reps to do. When you complete it, you’ll click next and move onto the next exercise.

The exercises do repeat (you’ll end up doing 3 sets of each exercise), but you only need to watch the video demo once.

The programs also include nutrition guidance, weekly education and tips specific to your stage sent via email, and access to our private community on Facebook for support.

See the prenatal and postpartum program details for more specifics on the education included in each program.

Both our self-guided programs and PROnatal Personal Training follow our Performance Training Approach. However, each caters to different needs. Here are a few factors to help you decide which option fits you best.

  • Customization: While the self-guided programs do provide guidance on how to regress or progress movements, you will always get the greatest customization from a personal trainer. The first session with your trainer is a consultation where your trainer takes you through an assessment to design a training program specific to your body’s needs. Throughout your experience, your trainer will constantly measure your progress and adapt your program based on where you’re at. So, Online Training may be a better option for you if you have specific injuries or conditions, or if you are more athletic and desire a more advanced program.
  • Coaching: Our self-guided programs provide specific guidance on how to do movements, as well as mistakes to avoid. However, you do not have an expert watching you do the movements and correcting your form like you do with Online Training. Our trainers are very good at helping you understand how to master proper movement mechanics — even in an online setting. So, if you know this is an area where you may need extra help, then perhaps working with a trainer might be most beneficial for you.
  • Accountability: Our self-guided programs do provide some degree of accountability. You select the days you want to workout and you get a reminder when you have workouts scheduled (then you log your workout when you complete it and the system keeps track of your progress). However, there is nothing like the accountability of having that paid session scheduled with your trainer, and someone coaching you through the entire workout. So, think through the degree of accountability you may (or may not) need to be successful.
  • Support: Our self-guided programs include weekly education and resources (see question above for details) to help support you in several aspects of your prenatal or postpartum journey. While our Online Training does not have this weekly education component, you do have constant access to your trainer for questions and your trainer can also help in connecting you with the specific resources you need (physical therapists, lactation consultants, childbirth educators, etc).
  • Budget: Our Online Training is more expensive because of the degree of customization and hands-on coaching you receive with it.

So, take all the above factors into account to make the decision that’s best for you. Still not sure? You could try scheduling a consultation with one of our Online Trainers. These sessions are $110 for 60 minutes, and will help you get a feel for what working with a trainer could be like, and even if you do not continue, you can learn A LOT in just this one session.

Yes! You have 14 days to request a refund. To do so, please email info@pronatalfitness.com. After 14 days, refunds cannot be processed.