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Self-Guided Programs

Train Effectively on Your Own with Our Online Programs

Our Online Self-Guided programs are one-time purchases with lifetime access.  All programs utilize the PROnatal Performance Training Approach and include weekly workouts and bonus resources (from nutrition tips, to childbirth education, breastfeeding info, and more).  Explore our prenatal and postpartum training programs below, which will be launching very soon (beginning with the Core Recovery Program). Sign up below to be notified and receive an exclusive launch discount.

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Prenatal Programs

Train for an easier pregnancy, smoother delivery, and faster postpartum recovery. Select the best program for you based on WHEN you are beginning your training.

Starting in 1st Trimester
(34 week program)

This is the ideal program because the longer you have to train, the better. Progress through our 3-Stage Performance Training Framework to establish a proper foundation, build your strength, and prepare for childbirth and a faster postpartum recovery.

Starting in 2nd Trimester
(24 week program)

Select this program if you are in your second trimester.  It still takes you through the same 3-Stage Performance Training Framework, but at a different pace, and with the recognition that your body will be in a different physical state when you begin.

Starting in 3rd Trimester
(12 week program)

Think it’s too late to start prenatal training during your third trimester? Think again. The foundational techniques, birth preparation, and recovery education you learn in this 12 week program can make a BIG difference and set you up for a faster postpartum recovery.

Postpartum Programs

Rebuild your core. Recover more quickly. Return to doing everything you loved (and more).

Core Recovery Program
(8 week program)

Begin this program immediately after delivery, or several years later.  It consists of education, lifestyle adjustments, and daily core exercises to help you rebuild your core from the inside out and create a solid foundation of strength that lasts.  Ideal for C-section and diastasis recti healing.

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Full Postpartum Program
(8 week program)

This program progresses you through our entire 3-Stage Postpartum Training Framework to take you from recovery through performance. It includes everything in the Core Recovery program, plus 3 strength-training workouts per week and additional resources to support your recovery.