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Exercise more effectively during and after pregnancy in the comfort of your home.

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What you get

Instead of giving you one or two full workouts that you’d do over and over again, we created a series of several shorter workout segments that you can combine in different ways depending on what you want to focus on for the day, and how much time you have. With three variations for each exercise, these workouts are designed to be appropriate for all fitness levels, and all stages of pregnancy or postpartum recovery. You can rent individual videos on a weekly basis, or the entire 14-video bundle for a month for $34.95 (an 85% discount). See video descriptions below.

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Watch this video first to learn how the workouts are structured, what you’ll need, and get important tips to ensure your workout is as safe and effective as possible.

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core instructional
$4.95 (one time purchase)

This video teaches the most important core muscles to focus on, and how to activate them properly as you exercise. Watch before doing the workouts for best results!

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Total body strength
(25 min ea): $8.95/week

These workouts will give you the biggest bang for your buck! There are two workouts to choose from. Each exercise incorporates multiple joints and muscle groups, so after 25 minutes, you’ve gotten a full body workout!

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Targeted strength
(12-14 mins ea): $6.95/week

For those times you really want to focus on a particular muscle group, we created four targeted strength videos: Legs, Glutes, Upper Body, and Core. Short and sweet, but you’ll feel the burn (in a good way!).

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Cardio drills
(5 min ea): $3.95/week

There are 4 cardio videos, each designed to help you easily control and customize your intensity based on your own stage and fitness level, so you can reap the many benefits of cardio exercise in a safe and effective way.

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Warm-up and stretch
(8 min ea): $3.95/week

We’ve included 1 warm-up and 1 final stretch video that can be used for any of the workouts. These videos target all major muscle groups with special attention to those areas often tightest during and after pregnancy.

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Recommended Workouts

If you have access to all videos, here are some suggested ways to combine them:

Warm-up + 1 Total Body Strength + 1 Targeted Strength + 1 Cardio Drill + Stretch
Warm-up + 3 Targeted Strength Videos + 1 Cardio Drill + Stretch

Warm-up + 1 Total Body Strength + 1 Cardio Drill + Stretch
Warm-up + 2 Targeted Strength Videos + 1 Cardio Drill + Stretch


Once you become familiar with the warm-up and stretch routines, you can create a 30-minute workout by doing your own abbreviated warm-up and stretch, and then just choosing one of the following:
1 Targeted Strength + 2 Cardio Drill Videos (22 – 24 min)
2 Targeted Strength Videos (24 – 28 min)
1 Total Body Strength Video (25 min)

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