Pre & Postnatal Moves to Avoid

Get clear, evidence-based guidance on what to avoid by trimester (and early postpartum) to help you exercise safely and more effectively during and after pregnancy.

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Who this Guide is for

This guide is great for individuals who are pregnant (or hoping to be) or early postpartum, as well as health & fitness professionals who work with (or hope to work with ) pre & postnatal clients.

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Go from confusion to confidence

As parents and fitness professionals, we understand how confusing and frustrating it can feel to sift through all the conflicting information online when it comes to exercise during and after pregnancy.

We promise that all the information you receive from us is grounded in rigorous research with input from an Advisory Board of pelvic floor physical therapists, childbirth educators, breathing experts, physiatrists, and more.

You can feel comfortable that we have “done our homework” (and never stop doing it) so that you no longer have to feel overwhelmed trying to do it all yourself.

"What to avoid" is just the beginning

Begin by downloading this guide so that you have a baseline understanding of what to avoid at various stages of pregnancy and early postpartum to mitigate risk of pain or injury, and expedite recovery. In subsequent emails, you'll learn what to focus on to prepare for the unique stresses of pregnancy and childbirth, and emerge even stronger on the other side.