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The pregnancy journey is truly the “event of a lifetime” in so many ways – especially physically. And that might make it feel a bit daunting. We are here to change that by providing you the education and resources you need to train yourself – or your clients – safely, effectively, and confidently. Explore the ways we can help you do this.

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Whether you're looking to train on your own, or work with an expert coach, find the resources you need to thrive during pregnancy, confidently prepare for birth, and emerge even stronger.

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Train effectively on your own with our pre & postnatal training programs on the PROnatal Fitness app.

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Work virtually with an expert PROnatal Personal Trainer or find a PROnatal Certified Coach near you.

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Get the education you need to safely, effectively, and confidently coach your pre & postnatal clients – whether you are looking to specialize in training this population, or you simply want the basics to better support them.

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Take our most in-depth education to specialize in training pre & postnatal clients and earn the distinction of being PROnatal Certified.

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Learn how to safely & effectively coach the pre & postnatal participants who attend your “regular” groupX classes in this short (but powerful) course.

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As parents and professionals, we know all too well the confusion and overwhelm that often accompany exercise in the perinatal period. PROnatal Fitness® was created to change that. We’re here to empower you with the evidence-based information, resources, and support you need to not just “survive” this period, but truly thrive. You’re training for — or recovering from — the event of a lifetime. Learn how we can help you achieve your personal best.

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Our blog is a great place to start, with evidence-based information on a variety of topics related to prenatal and postpartum exercise. Search for a topic by category, or type your query into the search bar.

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