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Educational Guides

Get detailed information and guidance on the topics you care most about

We recognize that getting clear answers on various questions regarding pre & postnatal exercise can often be more of an exercise in frustration than anything else. That’s why we have created this series of educational guides — to provide you easy-to-understand, evidence-based information on the topics we get asked about most. Explore our guides below, and keep checking back as we will continue to add new resources.

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Movements to Avoid

Learn the movements to avoid, or regress, by trimester (or belly size) — with evidence-based information as to why — to mitigate pain or injury during pregnancy and recover faster.


Diastasis Recti Guide

Learn what DR is (separating fact from myth), understand its causes and how to mitigate it, discover how to check for it more accurately, and learn powerful tips to kickstart healing.


C-Section Guide

Get practical information to help you plan your Cesarean birth, navigate an unexpected one, and heal your body afterward (regardless of how long ago your birth was).


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