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The Guide to Prenatal Exercise

Get the education & tools you need to prepare your body for an easier pregnancy, smoother delivery, and faster recovery — all in ONE place


Your One-Stop Solution to Help You:
  • Structure effective workouts throughout pregnancy
  • Plan workouts easily with the workout builder included
  • Know if & how to modify your current fitness routine
  • Prepare your body & mind for the birth you want
  • Be ready for the physical demands of parenthood
  • Care for your postpartum body & expedite healing


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What To Expect from This Guide

What You Get With Your Guide

Your guide is delivered in an online learning platform to make it easy for you to decide WHEN and HOW you want to learn. There are 8 modules (see topics below). Choose to learn via engaging video lessons, downloadable text, or both. It's about 3-5 hours of material, depending on how you want to go through it. Discover everything you receive below.

Video Lessons

Each module is broken into a few brief video lessons. These can be a great way to learn and practice techniques, exercises, and strategies along with us.

PDF Lessons

Prefer to read instead? You can also download the entire guide as a PDF. You’ll find links to videos for all the techniques & exercises so you have the visual reference as well.

Workout Builder

Get 1-year access to our extensive video exercise library + workout builder. Access sample pre & postnatal workouts and build your own using the guidance you learn in your lessons.

Childbirth Resources

In addition to the birth preparation techniques & strategies that you’ll learn, we also include a planning guide & other resources from Birthsmarter – the experts in all things childbirth.

Equipment Guide

Do you currently use equipment like rowers, bikes, boxing bags, kettlebells, reformers, or TRX? Our Machine & Equipment Considerations Guide gives you important safety guidance.

Support Community

Get access to a private Facebook group with direct support from ProNatal Fitness (at any point). It’s a great community to ask questions, get guidance, and connect with others in a similar stage.

We want you to be happy with your purchase. Therefore, we allow you to take the first two modules risk-free. If you are not satisfied after these two modules, you can email us to get a full refund, and the materials from those two modules are yours to keep.


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As a first-time mom, over 35, the internet is a terrifying place. This course was the perfect solution! Everything was broken down in a thorough, comprehensive, yet easy-to-follow manner. All the information was backed by science and years of practice, and the educators are incredible to listen to. I think this course is CRUCIAL for all first-time (and non-first-time) moms!

Elizabeth Chen, first-time expecting mom

This course was amazing! I loved that it didn't just tell me what to avoid, but introduced me to exercises that are actually beneficial for pregnancy, delivery, and beyond. After completing this course, I feel so much more prepared and empowered to make my own decisions when it comes to exercising while pregnant. HIGHLY recommended!

Brittany Charrier, first-time expecting mom

I took this course because I wanted to be as strong as possible going into my third pregnancy – and it certainly gave me the tools to do that! I learned so much and I loved how everything tied back to real-life functional movement. I would recommend this course to any expecting mom hoping to feel strong and empowered during and after pregnancy!

C. Yu, mom of 2 with #3 on the way

I've always been an athlete, so when I got pregnant, I worried about not knowing what was safe. After taking this course, I not only feel confident about how to structure my workouts, but I also feel much more in tune with my pelvic floor muscles and how to safely strengthen my core to alleviate pregnancy pain and facilitate safe lifting. I look forward to applying everything I’ve just learned!

Rhonda, athlete and first-time expecting mom

I loved how this course was extremely informative, while also being so easily digestible. I was already active during my pregnancy prior to taking this course, but now my toolbox of exercises has grown so much! After completing it, I feel much more prepared for birth and postpartum recovery, and I can't wait to use the video library that’s included to create custom workouts, especially as I enter the third (and fourth!) trimester.

Anna G., first time expecting mom

After taking this course, I feel so much more confident about working out during my pregnancy! The course covered everything I needed to know. I trusted all the information because it was evidence-based with references to back it up. By applying what I’ve learned, I’ve been able to stay active and exercise with confidence, which has been a significant contributor to my positive pregnancy experience!

Anna D, first-time expecting mom

As a first-time expecting mom, pregnancy can be very overwhelming – with so many changes and unknowns. This comprehensive guide was the perfect solution for me! I loved how there were multiple ways to consume the information – videos, text, and images. Thanks to this course, I’ve been able to safely stay active during pregnancy while preparing for the ultimate goal of childbirth and the postpartum experience!

Stephanie, first-time expecting mom

I am so glad that I found this course early on in my second trimester! I knew intuitively that exercise would play a vital role in helping me have the birth experience that I want, but I was so lost on where to begin and what was safe. I loved how this course educated me on how to support my body throughout every stage. I also loved how it emphasized the need to listen to my individual body, and that it did not preach a “one-size-fits-all” approach.

Jess Rioux, First-Time Expecting Mom

Thanks to this course, I have been able to stay active during my pregnancy – with a strong core and free of back pain – and feel prepared for the physical challenges of labor and life with a newborn. I am so grateful I took this course!

Jessica Liborio, first-time expecting mom

I loved that I learned not only what to modify or alter during pregnancy, but also what exercises to focus on to help me remain strong for pregnancy, birth, and beyond!

Rachel, mom of 3 with #4 on the way

The course is very detailed, yet so easy to understand. I loved how it always provided the “why” behind any guidance given so that I could understand and appreciate the rationale. After completing it, I feel much more confident in choosing specific exercises and routines during my pregnancy!

Ivana Cusick, first-time expecting mom

Topics Covered

See the topics covered in the 8 modules below. Each module contains a few brief video lessons and a downloadable PDF. Use either learning option, or both. You can also choose to download the entire guide as one PDF.

The pregnancy journey is the “event of a lifetime” in so many ways — especially physically. While exercise in general is beneficial, discover how preparing for the specific demands of this journey can help you more successfully manage the stresses placed on your body, and emerge even stronger.

Discover the 8 ways your body changes that have the greatest impact on physical activity. This module will help you appreciate the specific guidance that comes in the following modules.

The pregnancy changes discussed in Module 2 necessitate some modifications to physical activity. Learn what to avoid or modify by trimester, and learn how to make the best decisions for YOUR body (since every individual is different).

Learn what happens during labor — without the Hollywood fluff — and discover 5 key factors that can facilitate a more efficient and effective experience. Then, dive into the physical demands of parenthood to understand some of the key activities you’ll want to prepare for.

This is the most important module of the entire course. Discover the 4 key skills that will set you up for success in your journey, and far beyond. From alignment, to breathing mechanics, pelvic floor work, and “ADL” (Activities of Daily Living) training, the strategies you learn in this module will benefit your throughout ALL stages of your life.

After mastering the foundational skills in Module 5, now you will learn how to safely build your strength to better manage the stresses of late-stage pregnancy. You will also come away with powerful strategies that can help facilitate a more efficient and effective birth experience.

This is a helpful module if you like to plan your own workouts. It teaches you the most effective ways to structure your workouts throughout each stage of your journey and how to select exercises. Using the guidance from this module, you can easily build your own workouts using our exercise library + workout builder.

If you follow the strategies you learn in the first 7 Modules, you will already set yourself up for a much easier postpartum recovery. This module will just give you some additional guidance to expedite your healing.

Education You Can Trust

ProNatal Fitness is a global leader in pre & postnatal exercise education for health & fitness professionals. Our education is trusted & recommended by some of the largest and most respected facilities in the U.S.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This can vary widely by individual, and how you choose to consume the information — watching videos, reading text, or both. The average time to go through all the material is about 3-5 hours.

You have access to the online learning platform and workout builder for 1-year. However, since all the written materials and handouts are available to download, you have lifetime access to the guide materials.

The guide is divided into 8 learning modules that you progress through at your own pace (see the topics covered). Each module contains a downloadable PDF of the detailed text, along with a few short video lessons (no longer than 20 minutes). You can also download the entire guide as one PDF.

We offer both video and text lessons because we recognize that everyone has different learning preferences. So, you can choose the learning format you prefer (or use both).

Progress through the lessons at your own pace. The system always keeps track of where you leave off — even if in the middle of a video.

The PDFs also contain links to video demonstrations of any of the techniques and exercises discussed. So, even if you prefer to read, you always have the option to watch a video demo when needed.

Your guide will teach you how to structure effective workouts and provides you with a Video Exercise Library + Workout Builder to help you plan them easily (it also includes sample pre & postnatal workouts). Watch this video overview to see how to use the Workout Builder.

This guide is not, however a “workout program.” If you are interested in workouts only, explore our self-guided training programs.

While the material you learn in this guide is certainly beneficial for working with pregnant clients, it will not give you the level of information — or certificate — you need to coach pre & postnatal clients. It also does not cover postpartum training in detail. You can see the difference in content provided in our 18 module Pre/Postnatal Performance Training Specialist Course (which gives you your certificate and maximum CEUs).

Yes! We allow you to take the first 2 modules risk-free. If, at any time during the first 2 modules, you are not satisfied with the course, you can email us at info@pronatalfitness.com to request a full refund, and the materials from those modules are yours to keep. After the first 2 modules, however, refunds will not be granted.

Yes! We offer 3, 6, and 12 month payment plans for U.S. credit cards via Affirm. You will see this option as you go through the checkout process. We also offer 3 and 6 month payment plan options for non-U.S. credit cards. For this, please contact info@pronatalfitness.com.

We are happy to answer any questions you have. Email us at Info@pronatalfitness.com or give us a call at 516-778-9468.

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The Guide to Prenatal Exercise
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Downloadable PDF of Entire Guide

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Lifetime Access to Private Support Group

Equipment Considerations Guide

Birth Preparation Guide from Birthsmarter

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