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C-Section Guide

Get practical information to help you prepare for your Cesarean birth, navigate an unexpected one, and heal your body afterward.


This comprehensive guide was put together in partnership with Birthsmarter, the experts in all things childbirth. It will help you:

  • Understand what happens during the procedure
  • Appreciate the different types of Cesarean births
  • Explore the typical procedure vs. “family-centered”
  • Get valuable tips to help plan your Cesarean birth
  • Discover 15 powerful strategies to heal your body
  • Learn scar mobilization & massage techniques
  • Get links to video demos & additional resources
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Guide Contents

We want to ensure you are as informed and empowered as possible going into your birth. Therefore, we’ll take you through exactly what happens during the procedure (with the option to watch a video if you’d like).

There are three basic types of Cesarean births: planned, unplanned, and emergency. Understand the differences between them, and the common reasons for each.

In a Family-Centered (or Gentle or Natural) Cesarean, the goal is to mimic the experience of a vaginal birth as closely as possible, while still performing the medically-necessary procedure to deliver the baby. Understand the differences between the typical procedure and this option — from beginning to end.

Learn 15 powerful strategies to heal your body, especially in those first 6-8 weeks after birth — including movement habits, recovery exercises, nutrition tips, pain management, helpful garments, and more.

Learn how to begin scar mobilization work once your scar has healed to prevent adhesions from forming below the skin. Understand how to begin slowly with gentle desensitization work, then learn three progressive scar massage techniques.

Get valuable tips to help you prepare for your Cesarean birth. Finally, come away with a host of resources for additional support if needed — including recovery programs, physical therapy options, support groups, and more.


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