Group Fitness Mini Course

Coming soon in 2020

About 86% of women will have a baby at some point, and when it comes to group fitness, this can often mean losing even your most loyal members.  We want to help you change that.  If you are an instructor who teaches a specific group fitness format, this course will arm you with the tools you need to confidently keep your members safely moving with you longer into their pregnancies and returning faster afterward. You’ll be surprised by how the simplest ideas can make the BIGGEST impact (and not just your pre and postnatal clients). Sign up to be notified when this course launches in Q1 2020 and receive an exclusive launch discount.

CEUs: ACE 0.4, NASM 0.4, AAFA 4.0

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Who This Course is For

If you are a group fitness instructor looking for simple tips to help you safely and effectively coach the pre and postnatal clients who attend your classes, then this course is for you.  While this course will not teach you everything you need to know to design pre and postnatal training programs, it will certainly help you confidently manage this clientele in your classes. Applicable for the following group fitness formats:

Strength Training

*NOTE: For more in-depth education on designing the optimal pre and postnatal training programs, explore our Pre/Postnatal Performance Training Specialist Online Course.

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Course Content

Progress through the 5 learning modules at your own pace.  You have access to the course for life.  Each module contains a webinar, downloadable text, and self-check to gauge your comprehension.  All tips are designed to be easily applied in a group fitness setting — even in a packed class with tons of other things to manage — and much of the guidance will benefit your ALL your participants. Learn more about the course content and what you receive.


Prenatal Exercise Evolution

The 5 Changes You Need to Know

Pre-Class Checklist Best Practice

Cues to Focus On (beneficial for all)

Movements to Avoid (by trimester)

Postpartum Tips (comparison to Prenatal)

Spotting and Managing “Red Flags”


Lifetime Course Access

Self-Paced Learning Modules

Webinars, Downloadable Text, Self-Checks

Downloadable Quick Reference Summaries

Video Demonstrations

Certificate of Completion

CEUs: ACE 0.4, AAFA 4.0, NASM 0.4

Want Customized Training?

Would you like to organize a live training for your instructors (customized to your studio’s formats)?  Would you like us to help you develop or refine your instructor manual for pre/postnatal modifications?  There are several ways we can work with your gym or studio to provide the educational solution that best meets your needs. Contact us to start the conversation.