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Build your knowledge (and confidence) in training pre & postnatal clients

We recognize that the idea of training pregnant and postpartum clients might feel daunting (or even terrifying) — especially with all the conflicting information out there. Our goal is to eradicate any confusion or anxiety you might be feeling, and help you progressively grow your expertise and confidence in training pre & postnatal clients. Get started with one of our guides below.

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Exercises to Avoid by Trimester

Learn the movements to avoid, or regress, by trimester — with evidence-based information as to why — to help your clients mitigate pain or injury and recover faster.


Guide to Training Pregnant Clients

Learn the steps to designing prenatal training programs that will help your clients thrive during pregnancy, confidently prepare for birth, and emerge even stronger.

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Learn what DR is (separating fact from myth), understand its causes, discover how to check for it more accurately, and learn powerful tips to kickstart healing.

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Explore our Courses

If you are interested in education to help you more effectively coach the pre & postnatal population, explore our two course offerings below tailored to different needs.

Pre/Postnatal Specialist Course

Our most in-depth and comprehensive education for professionals who want to earn their Specialist Certificate to train pre & postnatal clients.

Specialist Course

Pre/Postnatal Course for GroupX

A short and simple course for instructors who want to safely and effectively coach the pre & postnatal participants who attend their classes.

Mini Course