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DR Guide

Understand how to mitigate Diastasis Recti, learn how to assess for it, and discover powerful strategies to kickstart your healing.


Whether you are pregnant, postpartum, or a fitness professional working with pre & postnatal clients, this guide will help you will learn:

  • What DR is (separating fact from fiction)
  • What causes DR (HINT: it’s not just pregnancy)
  • How to mitigate DR issues during pregnancy
  • How to assess for DR in the most accurate way
  • Powerful strategies to expedite healing
  • 5 exercises to help you rebuild your core
Price: $27


Guide Contents

Understand what Diastasis Recti (DR) is — separating fact from fiction — and learn how to spot it. Note – you may very likely spot this in people who have never had children as well.

Learn the various causes of DR. While pregnancy is one completely natural cause, there are other “suboptimal behaviors” that can also contribute to DR or exacerbate it during pregnancy. Understand the causes so that you can mitigate DR issues in your own body (or help your pregnant clients do so).

Learn how to perform the DR assessment in a manner that improves your testing accuracy (and when it’s appropriate to perform this assessment). You’ll also learn how to proceed in cases that are hard to assess.

Discover simple habit adjustments to help you expedite healing, then learn 5 highly effective core exercises that will help you rebuild your core from the inside out. You’ll also receive information about other resources to further support you.

Price: $27

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