Our Approach

Maximizing your performance….in pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood

You’re training for the “event of your life”

If you wanted to run your first marathon, you’d likely begin training to prepare your body for the high-stress demands of the event, and to minimize your risk of injury. Why don’t we think this way about pregnancy? The mother’s body must endure 9 months of massive change and stress, followed by the extreme physical event of childbirth, and then quickly adapt to the 24/7 demands of infant care (on very little sleep!). Motherhood is truly life’s ultimate marathon, and we want you to be strong enough to fully enjoy the thrill of it all.

The demands are specific; the training should be too

The way you would train for a tennis match looks very different from how you would train for downhill skiing – because the demands of each activity are very different. This element of training specificity is an integral component of the PROnatal Performance Training approach. We consider the physiological and biomechanical changes of pregnancy, the positions and energy demands of labor, and the common daily activities of early motherhood – to develop a protocol that helps you maximize your performance (and minimize injury) at every stage.

Preparing you means pushing you (safely)

While this period in your life will likely be the most joyous in so many ways, it will also be incredibly challenging. Pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood will push you — physically, mentally, and emotionally — and we want to empower you to meet each challenge with strength and resilience. This means pushing you safely and methodically to provide a solid foundation so that your body actually grows stronger to adapt to the demands.

We believe in
“training for two”

While exercise in general is great for fetal development, our performance-based approach is designed to maximize the benefit for your little one (or ones!) as well. Not only do we help you experience a healthier pregnancy, easier labor, and faster recovery, we support your little one in the same ways. Our methods are designed to create a more optimal fetal growth environment, help your little one better cope with the stresses of labor, and decrease recovery time after birth. We want you to take comfort in knowing that what benefits you will also benefit the precious life that depends on you.

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