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Our Approach

The demands of your journey are specific. Your training should be too.

The motherhood journey places very specific stresses on your body.  That’s why we believe in “training” you for these things like you’d train for a major athletic event. Just as running a marathon or playing a tennis match requires a training program specific to each activity, the same is true for the motherhood journey.  Discover how our Performance Training Approach helps you prepare your body to successfully manage the stresses of pregnancy and childbirth, then recover from those stresses most effectively afterward.

Prenatal Training

We follow a 3-Stage approach to train you for 3 goals simultaneously: an easier pregnancy, a smoother childbirth, and a faster postpartum recovery. You’ll begin in the Foundation Stage. Just like building a house requires starting with a strong foundation, this stage is where you will master the principles neutral alignment, proper core activation, and correct movement mechanics to establish this solid foundation upon which we can build from. Then you’ll move onto the Strength Stage where we’ll focus on safely and progressively building your strength so you can better manage the increased stresses that are going to be placed on your body.  Finally, midway through your third trimester, we’ll move onto the Birth Prep Stage where we’ll teach you specific strategies to help you throughout the various stages of labor and give you tips to expedite postpartum recovery.

Postpartum Training

For postpartum training, we also follow a 3-stage approach to help you effectively recover from pregnancy and labor, then safely build your strength and fitness level to get you back to doing all the things you loved prior to pregnancy (and maybe even more).  You will begin your training in the Foundation Stage where a key focus will be on taking you through the PROnatal Core Recovery Protocol to gradually rebuild your core strength from the inside out (great for diastasis recti and C-section healing as well).  You’ll also work on proper alignment and movement mechanics to help expedite your recovery. Then, you will move onto the Strength Stage where we will focus on safely and progressively building your strength (especially core strength).  Finally, you will move onto the Performance Stage where the objectives are largely dependent on your goals. Whether you want to get back to running, return to your group fitness classes, or prepare for maneuvering through life with a 30-pound toddler, your trainer will tailor your program to prepare you for your goals. It’s absolutely possible to emerge even stronger than you were prior to pregnancy.

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