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Thrive During Pregnancy. Confidently Prepare for Birth. Emerge Even Stronger.

The journey through pregnancy, childbirth, and into parenthood is truly the event of a lifetime in so many ways. We believe that all those navigating this journey deserve the best preparation, and recovery, possible. Explore the ways we can help you successfully train for your unique journey so that you can focus more on enjoying the thrill of it all.

What You Can Expect from Us

As parents and professionals, we know all too well the confusion and overwhelm that often accompany exercise in the perinatal period. PROnatal Fitness was created to change that. We are here to empower you with the information and resources you need to not just “survive” this period, but truly thrive. Learn about our unique performance training approach and how it can help you successfully prepare for the unique demands of this journey, and emerge even stronger.

Explore Our Training Programs

Select from our self-guided training programs or choose to work directly with a PROnatal Personal Trainer.

Self-Guided Programs

Train safely and effectively with our pre & postnatal programs on the PROnatal Fitness app.

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Personal Training

Work 1-on-1 with one of our expert trainers and get a customized program and personalized coaching.

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Grab an Educational Guide

Looking for information on a specific topic? Select from our guides below. Keep checking back as we add more topics.

Moves to Avoid by Stage

Learn the moves to avoid by trimester (and early postpartum) to help you exercise safely and more effectively during and after pregnancy.


Your Guide to Diastasis Recti

Learn what DR is (separating fact from myth), understand its causes and how to mitigate it, discover how to check for it more accurately, and learn powerful tips to kickstart healing.


Are You a Health and Fitness Professional?

If you are a health & fitness professional interested in learning more about working with pre & postnatal clients in any capacity, explore our range of courses and guides for professionals.

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