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Pre/Postnatal Specialist Course

Learn how to train your clients for the “event of a lifetime”

Each year, millions of people enter the “ultimate athletic event” of pregnancy – often unaware of the physical challenges that lay ahead. Conventional guidance tells them to “take it easy” or to “modify,” but this advice often leaves them unprepared to manage the very specific, high-stress demands placed on their bodies. You have the power to change this paradigm by enrolling in our self-paced online course to become a Pre/Postnatal Performance Training Specialist.

CEUs: NASM 1.9, ACE 2.8, AFAA 15.0, ACSM, 28.0, CANFITPRO 4.0

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About the Course

What You Learn

Discover Our Performance Training Approach

What You Receive

  • Self-Paced Learning Modules
  • Lifetime Access to Private Facebook Support Group
  • Electronic Textbook, Webinars, Self-Checks
  • Videos, Articles, and other Resources
  • Programming Templates & Sample Workouts
  • In-Take Forms & Movement Assessment Checklist
  • Client Handouts & Resources

Course Structure

This course is divided into 15 learning modules that you progress through at your own pace (approximately 25-30 hours). Each module contains a webinar, downloadable PDF, and self-check. You have one-year access to the course, but you will be able to download an electronic textbook of the entire course, and you’ll also receive several additional downloadable resources as well.

At the end of the course, there is a 2-hour timed exam that you take at home on your computer/device. There are 80 Multiple Choice and True/False questions. You must receive 85% (68 questions correct) to pass and receive the benefits listed above. Exam re-tests can be purchased for $35.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will earn your certificate as a Pre/Postnatal Performance Training Specialist as well as CECs. The course is approved for the following CECs, but you can also petition for CECs from any organizations not listed (see FAQs for more on this).

NASM 1.9, ACE 2.8, AFAA 15.0, ACSM 28.0, CANFITPRO 4.0

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Course Content

MODULE 1: Evolution of Childbirth
Explore how childbirth has evolved since the days of our ancestors – evaluating the practices of early people’s to learn strategies for how you can best prepare and support women through this most complex and taxing journey.

MODULE 2: Rationale for a “Performance Training” Approach
Learn how applying the evidence-based principles of performance-based program design can help your clients better manage the specific stresses placed on their bodies and emerge even stronger.

MODULE 3: The Demands of Pregnancy (How the Body Changes)
Understand the stresses and demands placed on the body during the pregnancy journey so you know exactly what it will take (and the challenges your clients will need to overcome) to be successful. Dive into 8 key changes that have the greatest implications for your work with your clients.

MODULE 4: The Demands of Childbirth and Early Parenthood
Dive into the stresses and demands of childbirth, as well as the (very physical) demands of new parenthood. These factors also influence the training program, as pregnant clients are training for 3 goals simultaneously: pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum recovery.

MODULE 5: Prenatal Programming Framework (Overview and Stage 1)
Get introduced to the Prenatal Performance Training Framework, and how it works. Then dive into the first of the 3 training stages (Foundation). Learn the specific objectives to accomplish in the Foundation Stage, and how to teach them to your clients.

MODULE 6: Prenatal Programming Framework (Stages 2 and 3)
Learn the details of stages 2 and 3 of the Prenatal Performance Training Framework (Strength and Birth Prep), including the specific objectives to accomplish in each stage, and how to teach them to your clients.

MODULE 7: Assessing the Pregnant Client
Discover a unique and powerful assessment strategy that will give you deeper insight into how your clients move outside the gym. This will help you tailor your training program more effectively.

MODULE 8: Pregnancy-Induced Pains & Injuries
Understand the three key causes of most pregnancy-induced pains & injuries, and the three strategies to help prevent them. Then, learn about 8 of the most common pains & injuries: low back pain, diastasis recti, pelvic floor dysfunction, sacroiliac (SI) join dysfunction, sciatica, symphysis pubis dysfunction, round ligament pain, and carpal tunnel. Understand the key causes, symptoms, and how to prevent or manage.

MODULE 9: Prenatal Program Design
Get into the details of prenatal programming – beginning with the high-level macrocycle development, and variations of this for the novice, moderate, and advanced client. Then, learn how to structure your individual sessions – including how to select movements and what moves to avoid by trimester.

MODULE 10: Pregnancy Weight Gain & Nutrition
Gain foundational knowledge on pregnancy weight gain, caloric needs by trimester, and nutrition.  Learn how to support your clients in a manner that fits within your scope of practice.

MODULE 11: Pregnancy Psychological Changes and Effective Coaching
While no two pregnancies are the same, learn some common psychological changes and transitions that occur by trimester, and the important role you play as part of your clients’ support network (a role that expands beyond the physical work you do). Learn how to support your clients in the best way as they navigate this major life transition.

MODULE 12: Postpartum Recovery (Physical and Psychological Considerations)
Learn about the physical and psychological changes that happen after birth. First dive into the physical changes – from vaginal and C-section delivery recovery to weight loss, fascia healing, and more. Then, explore the psychological changes – distinguishing the common “baby blues” from perinatal mental health disorders. Learn how to recognize signs there could be an issue, and how to manage these situations if they occur.

MODULE 13: Postpartum Programming Framework
Similar to prenatal, learn the 3-stage Postpartum Performance Training Framework (Foundation, Strength, Performance) and the specific objectives in each stage. You will also learn a detailed Core Recovery Protocol to take your clients through to help rebuild their core from the inside out after birth and heal from diastasis recti. This protocol is also highly effective for C-section recovery.

MODULE 14: Assessing the Postpartum Client
You will follow the same assessment that you learned in the prenatal module, but learn one additional assessment – the Diastasis Recti (DR) check. Learn how to check for DR in a manner that improves your testing accuracy and gives you a clearer understanding of your clients’ core integrity and therefore how to begin your core recovery work.

MODULE 15: Postpartum Programming: Session Breakdown & Movement Selection
Similar to prenatal, get the details of postpartum programming – including high-level macrocycle development, and how this varies for different birth scenarios and activity history. Then, learn how to structure the individual sessions – including how to incorporate the Core Recovery Protocol, how to select movements, and what movements to avoid while the body is still healing.

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Course Benefits

Enjoy the following benefits included with your course.

Specialist Certificate

Receive your Certificate as a Pre/Postnatal Performance Training Specialist as well as CECs: ACE 2.8, ACSM 28, NASM 1.9, AFAA 15.0, CANFITPRO 4.0. If you are certified by a different body, you can petition for CECs. See our FAQs for more details.

Coaching & Community

Receive access to our active private Facebook community so we can support you as you take your course and beyond. This is a great forum to ask questions, share ideas, and get feedback from PROnatal leadership and a wonderful community of professionals!

Affiliate Opportunity

Upon enrolling in the course, you can apply to be a PROnatal Fitness Ambassador. Earn a 10% commission on all PROnatal referrals, including professional courses and client programs. You also receive 15% off all PROnatal courses and programs for yourself.

What Sets This Course Apart

One of the key aspects that sets this course apart is our Performance Training Approach. We don’t believe in “modifying” for pregnancy or the postpartum period. We believe in training for them like the major athletic events they are. Just as running a marathon requires a different training program than playing a golf tournament, the same is true for the motherhood journey.

The demands are specific. The training should be too.

Therefore, instead of giving you a list of rules or modifications to memorize, we teach you clear, progressive prenatal and postpartum programming frameworks — grounded in training specificity and adaptable for all stages, fitness levels, and conditions — to help you train your clients to achieve their personal best in their motherhood journey.

Course Price: $499

3, 6, and 12 Month Payment Plan Available.

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I am a group fitness instructor and have had a relationship with fitness for as long as I can remember. When I learned I was pregnant, I knew my movement patterns were going to have to shift a bit, but I didn't know how; and no one could give me a straight answer. Even with a heavy fitness background, I felt stuck. I walked into this course looking for ways to educate myself on how to move my body throughout these nine months. I had no idea I would feel so empowered and strong when I came out on the other side. Not only do I understand my pregnant body -- and how to take care of myself after baby -- but I now feel educated enough to help other women who are just as stuck as I was!

Christina C, Certified Group Fitness Instructor

I am a personal trainer who sought out the most current research regarding exercise before I became pregnant myself, and that’s how I found PROnatal. I programmed my own workouts according to the PROnatal Performance Training Framework and I experienced a healthy pregnancy and birth -- with no pregnancy pains or issues despite having scoliosis -- and a quick postpartum recovery. Now, I feel stronger than ever!

Allison Hassan, Certified Personal Trainer

I am a Physical Therapist Assistant and took this course during pregnancy. I felt strong and prepared going into labor, but due to circumstances outside of my control, I ended up having a C-section. However, because of what I learned in this course, I was able to successfully manage through what was the most physically grueling few days of my life. I also felt I was able to recover quicker and I feel stronger by the day! I am so grateful I took this course because I did not receive any resources or guidance from the hospital. I am excited to apply what I have learned to help others in the future!

Carissa Melicharek Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant

I am a Labor & Delivery RN and as I went through this course, I got so many ideas about how to help my patients who want an unmedicated birth, and how to better support by recovering mamas. I can't wait to put my new knowledge into use & keep learning more from PROnatal!

Allie Van Hee, RN-BSN, NASM CPT, FNS

I have been implementing so many of the concepts I learned in this course in my work as a structural yoga therapist and it has been hugely beneficial. I believe that this training methodology can help revolutionize motherhood and support it being the STRONG and POWERFUL experience it is meant to be!

Nicole Katz, Structural Yoga Therapist & Founder of Yoga 216

As a male trainer working with this population, the PROnatal education has provided me with a tremendous benefit. Being featured on the website has given me greater access to pre & postnatal clients given the strong reputation PROnatal has in the industry. It has also greatly informed the way I structure my programs, and my overall approach (and sensitivity) when working with women during this stage. I am so thankful for this course, and for being a part of the PROnatal community.

Joe Hutcheson, Certified Personal Trainer

I was suffering from moderate Diastasis Recti prior to taking this course. Using what I learned in the course, I was able to heal it by the time I completed it. My OB/GYN was amazed at how great the PROnatal Core Recovery Protocol worked!

Alexandra Advanve, Certified Personal Trainer

This course was comprehensive in addressing pretty much any question I could come up with about prenatal and postnatal training. It provided clear and memorable takeaways, as well as tons of additional resources for future reference or deeper understanding. What I learned from this course made me feel empowered as both a fitness instructor and an expectant first-time mom!

Dr. Moira Dillon, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Psychology at New York University and Part-Time Fitness Instructor

Every trainer/coach working with female clients should be required to take this course. As a former professional soccer player, and a mother, I wish I would have had this information earlier. I now realize how things like poor posture, muscle imbalances, and an overly tight pelvic floor were affecting me. I’m excited to put this new information I have learned into action, and help other women moving forward!

K.A.B., Former Professional Soccer Player & Current Coach/Trainer

I hate tedious and long-drawn-out courses with information that I may never use. But this course was anything but that. I use what I learned in this course every single day in my work as a pre & postnatal holistic health coach, personal trainer, and doula. In addition, the on-going support I get through the private Facebook group has helped me stay on top of my game -- especially as challenging situations arise in my work.

Valerie Pedraza, ITEC Therapist, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Birth & Postpartum Doula

This course has been one of my favorites that I’ve completed thus far in my fitness career. The modules covered so much information, but were presented in a way that I didn't feel bored or overwhelmed while going through the process. Now I not only have the confidence to train women during and after pregnancy, but I'm also applying so much of what I learned to ALL my clients because of how relevant (and important) this information is for everyone.

Dianna Falzarano, Certified Group Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer

I was initially concerned about taking an online course because I did not think that I would be motivated enough to stick with it. However, this course is structured in a way that kept me extremely interested and engaged. I ended up completing the course in less time than I thought and I feel confident training my pre & post-natal clients according to the PROnatal framework. Excellent Course!

Sasha Kossak, Physical Therapist, Biomechanics Specialist, Wellness & Nutrition Coach

I loved how many new things I learned about postpartum training in this course. There is not enough information out there about how to help new moms recover, and this course has now given me the education I needed to help my clients get back to where they want to be.

EL, Physique 57 Senior Trainer/Studio Manager

This course provided unparalleled depth and breadth. I completed the course feeling confident in my understanding of not only how to train my prenatal and postpartum clients in an effective and safe manner, but also with a deep understanding of the entire physiological process of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum stages. I know this course will allow be to better relate to my clients and speak from a place of confidence and knowledge. Absolutely recommend it!

ES, Barre Instructor & Former Professional Dancer

I am from the UK and this level of information is not available there yet. I never would have learned so much about pregnancy training and postpartum recovery if I had not done this course. If I would have known about it sooner, I would have done it prior to becoming pregnant, but it was still easily manageable to complete during my pregnancy, and I am so thankful I did!

Victoria N, Fitness Trainer

I have been a trainer for over 10 years and am now 20 weeks pregnant with my second child. I just wish I had done this course before having my first child! I gained so much knowledge by taking this course, and I cannot wait to help others.

Catherine B., Certified Personal Trainer

Taking this course has been the best thing I've done -- for my own professional development and for the clients I work with. The way I think about pregnancy has completely changed, and I think this will be life-changing for the women at my gym!

Hannah Henrichs, Certified Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor

With a degree in Exercise and Wellness, along with multiple certifications, this is one of the most valuable courses I have ever taken. Every personal trainer should know the fundamentals taught in this course, as they apply to all populations.

Brooke Carlson, Certified Personal Trainer

Even if you have other prenatal and postpartum fitness specialization courses, I promise you this course will provide you with even MORE tools and knowledge to serve your pregnant and postpartum clients better.

Ashley Heisler, Certified Personal Trainer

I found this course early in my pregnancy and it has been the KEY to helping me stay active during my pregnancy and appropriately prepare for childbirth (which is now about 8 weeks away!). Prior to taking this course, I felt hesitant to advise pregnant women and did not feel confident in my ability to do so beyond very general guidelines. Now, after taking it, I feel so much more confident – in my own workouts and my ability to advise and train clients. I will continue to refer to the course materials and resources provided as I approach my BIG day and enter my postpartum recovery and training. Thank you SO much for this phenomenal course!

Elena Edwards, Certified Personal Trainer

By far, this is my favorite continuing education course I've ever taken! The content was evidence based, fascinating, logical yet often mind-blowing, and well delivered. I looked forward to every module!

Claire Yanta-O'Mahoney, Certified Personal Trainer & Nutritionist

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There are no prerequisites for this course. Anyone interested in a highly comprehensive, and updated approach to pre and postnatal education will benefit form the information. You do not need a fitness certification.

To receive your Certificate and CECs, you must pass a final exam at the end of the course.

This a 2-hour timed exam that you take at home on your computer (no testing center). There are 80 multiple choice questions.  You must receive 85% to pass (68 questions correct).

If you pass, you will immediately be able to download your certificate.  If you do not pass, you can purchase an exam re-test for $35.

Each module also contains a self-check to gauge your comprehension. These are not graded. They are purely for your learning benefit, and they serve as great preparation for the exam.

After registering for the course, you will have 1-year access to the course. The course is estimated at 25-30 hours, but some people complete it in less time. There is an electronic textbook and several materials available for you to download, so you will have access to your course content for life.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will earn the title (and your certificate) as a Pre/Postnatal Performance Training Specialist. Everyone who passes the exam receives this title (there are no prerequisite requirements other than passing).

No. This is a certificate course that offers continuing education credits. Therefore, there are no requirements for renewing your certificate.

Yes, typically the process is that you reach out to your certifying agency and ask them for a CEC petition form. You complete the form. If you need any additional information about the course, you can submit this Course Overview to your agency. We are also happy to provide your reviewer course access, or any other materials requested. Please reach out to us at info@pronatalfitness.com for any of this information.

This course is approved for the following CECs already:

  • ACE 2.8
  • ACSM 28
  • NASM 1.9
  • AFAA 15.0

When you go through the purchase process, you will see an option to do a payment plan (provided by Affirm).  When you click on the payment plan option, it will take you to Affirm’s website where you will be asked to create an account and provide some very basic info.  Once you provide this, Affirm will provide you three different payment plan options (3, 6, or 12 months) based on your credit.  Choose one, purchase, and you’re done. The entire process takes less than 5 minutes.  Affirm will show you your monthly payments, as well as your total payment with interest broken out, so you will have complete transparency.

If you have any issues, or Affirm does not approve you for the payment plan, please contact us at info@pronatalfitness.com

Because we update this course is updated so frequently, we do not include a printed textbook. However, each module contains a downloadable PDF with all the detailed text. In addition, at the beginning of the course there is a master PDF of the entire course (with a table of contents that includes hyperlinks to each module). You can download the entire course as one file, then print it and put it in a binder, separated by tabs for each module if you like.

If you plan to work one-on-one with pre and postnatal clients, then you should take the full-length Specialist Course.  The Group Instructor Course is a mini course that is intended for instructors who simply want to provide a safer and more effective experience to the pre/postnatal clients who attend their classes. It will not teach you the optimal way to coach clients one-on-one, and does not cover topics like deep core and pelvic floor training, Diastasis testing and core recovery work, assessments, recommended movements and programming, etc.

That said, many people do take both courses because they cover different things and the Group Instructor Course does show the key things to focus on in a group fitness setting and goes more into various modifications.

If you have further questions, please contact us at info@pronatalfitness.com

We are happy to answer any questions you have!  Email us at Info@pronatalfitness.com or give us a call at 516-778-9468.

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Course Price: $499