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Discover a pre and postnatal fitness certification that will set you apart

The pregnancy journey is truly one of life’s greatest athletic events. Yet we don’t often approach training for it as such. This can leave those navigating it unprepared to manage the unique stresses placed on their bodies.

You have the power to change this paradigm.

In this industry-leading pre and postnatal fitness certification, you’ll learn how to utilize an evidence-based training methodology to help your clients thrive during pregnancy, confidently prepare for birth, and emerge even stronger.

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Course Details

Click below to watch a sample video lesson. Below the lesson, you can also download the Course Overview for the details on topics covered, resources included, developer bios, and more.



Resources Included

  • 17-Self-Paced Learning Modules
  • Video Lesson, PDF, Self-Check for Each
  • Full Course Electronic Textbook
  • Video Library with 130+ Exercises
  • Sample Workouts & Programming Templates
  • Fillable Intake & Movement Assessment Forms
  • Handouts & Resources for Your Clients
  • Pre & Postnatal Fitness Specialist Certificate
  • CECs: NASM 1.9, ACE 3.6, AFAA 15, ISSA 20, NSCA 2, AUSACTIVE 14, CANFITPRO 4, USAT 4

Maximize Your Success as a ProNatal Certified Coach

While you have the option of purchasing the self-paced course on its own, you can maximize the value of your education by becoming a ProNatal Certified Coach. Through this designation, you will receive the following additional benefits.

Featured Endorsement

The top organic search drivers to the ProNatal website are clients looking for a pre & postnatal personal trainer, and we drive 100% of that traffic to our ProNatal Certified Coach Directory. Let us help you get clients after completing your education with a full-page feature in our directory with all the real estate you need to market yourself and your own unique URL!

Marketing Promotion

Our goal is to be the #1 resource for clients looking for a highly-qualified pre & postnatal coach near them. Therefore, in addition to promoting our ProNatal Certified Coach Directory prominently throughout our website and marketing materials, we also offer social media marketing opportunities through collaborations, content sharing, and other promotions.

Industry Recognition

As a ProNatal Certified Coach, you will also receive this badge that you can place on your website and marketing materials to denote that you hold our highest distinction. ProNatal Fitness is rapidly growing in recognition in the fitness industry for its evidence-based, high-quality education and your badge serves as a clear symbol of your expertise as a pre & postnatal coach.

Workout Builder

Beyond the resources included in your course, receive access to our Video Exercise Library + Workout Builder. It includes hundreds of beneficial exercises, pre-made workouts, and helpful filtering criteria that makes it easy for you to create workouts for clients of all stages and fitness levels. Use the client management system to setup clients and send workouts to them.

Coaching & Community

Receive access to a private Facebook group with direct support from ProNatal leadership and the ability to connect with fellow ProNatal Certified Coaches. This is a great forum to ask questions, share ideas, get advice, receive exclusive content, stay updated on industry news, and network with a community of diverse professionals united by our passion to serve this population.

On-Going Education

Each month, we host a live virtual webinar to help you continue your learning beyond the course itself. We alternate between presenting on topics ourselves, inviting outside experts in, and hosting Q&As to help you address any questions or challenges you have. All webinars are recorded and uploaded to your PCN video library so you can watch any time.


There are three simple steps to becoming a ProNatal Certified Coach.

When you enroll, you will see that you have two purchase options. You can purchase the course only OR you can select the ProNatal Certified Package, which gives you immediate access to the course plus all ProNatal Certified resources mentioned above. This option also makes you eligible to earn the ProNatal Certified Coach title, badge, and Find a Coach feature – upon meeting the two additional criteria below.

To maintain your ProNatal Certified benefits, just pay the annual $150 membership fee (with the first payment made 1-year after your course purchase).

This includes passing the final exam at the end of the course. See FAQs for exam details.

The final requirement to receive your ProNatal Certified Coach designation is that you must also hold at least ONE of the following:

  1. Current Nationally-Accredited Personal Training Certification
  2. Current Nationally-Accredited Comprehensive Pilates Certification
  3. Current Registered Yoga Teacher Certification (minimum 200-hr)
  4. An Undergraduate or Graduate degree in Exercise Science or a related discipline

You will be asked to show proof of any certifications you hold when submitting your materials for your website feature.

Don’t have one of these? You can still select the ProNatal Certified Package when enrolling in your course and receive all the other benefits included in this package. The only thing you would not be eligible for is the ProNatal Certified title, badge, and website feature.

Money-Back Guarantee

We want you to be happy with your course purchase. Therefore, we allow you to take the first three modules risk-free. If you are not satisfied, you can email us to request a full refund, and the material from those three module are yours to keep.

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This course gave me 100% confidence to train my first pregnant client! This was my client’s third pregnancy and she told me that it was her BEST birth experience! She said she felt so much stronger, and remarked how much easier it was to care for her other kids and do the chores she needed to do after birth. I love knowing the positive impact that our work together had on her life. Thank you for creating this course!

Flavia Rocha, Certified Personal Trainer

This was my 3rd pre & postnatal course, and this was BY FAR the best one I have taken. It was incredibly thorough -- diving deep into programming for both prenatal and postpartum, whereas other certifications did not do this. If you train pre or postnatal clients, or desire to, I highly recommend taking this course!

Sabrina Stockel, Certified Personal Trainer

Despite my NASM CPT, I was unprepared for life after an emergency C-section. I found this course and was BLOWN AWAY by what I learned. I not only healed my Diastasis Recti, but my core feels stronger than ever! The whole experience inspired me to start my own company serving this population. Today, I've helped hundreds of new and expecting moms and it brings me so much joy to see the impact my work has had on their lives!

Megan Clokey, Certified Personal Trainer & Owner of Vibrant Mama Wellness

As an elite-level triathlete, when I got pregnant, I was nervous. There was just not a lot of information out there for athletes, like myself, to train during pregnancy or recover postpartum. Through the concepts I learned in this course, I was not only able to safely train during my pregnancy, but I was able to come back stronger, better, and faster -- and become one of the best athletes in the world postpartum.

Amanda Almond, Certified Personal Trainer and Elite-Level Triathlete

I initially didn't take this course because I found a less expensive one. However, after completing that course, I did not feel confident training pregnant or postpartum clients. I now feel 1000% better after taking the ProNatal course - and I've gotten amazing feedback from my clients! I just wish I would have just gotten this course from the beginning."

Erin Perulla, Certified Personal Trainer

I loved this training ideology. The entire course felt so empowering. I did a TON of research on pre & postnatal courses before selecting the ProNatal Fitness course and it exceeded my expectations from the very first lesson! I cannot recommend it enough!

Ryan Stec, Certified Functional Strength Coach

I've taken other prenatal courses, but ProNatal Fitness is definitely the most comprehensive. It's one thing to encourage safe and effective prenatal exercise, but to be able to get into specifics about how to do that like ProNatal Fitness has done is game changing. Training clients in this method definitely makes my job in the delivery room easier!

Dr. Natasha Lowe Osho MD FACOG is a Board Certified OB/GYN, NASM Certified Personal Trainer

I took this course during pregnancy, and then when faced with an emergency C-section, I was able to use what I learned to successfully manage through the experience and recover much more quickly. Now at 8 months postpartum, I can confidently say I feel stronger than ever!

Carissa Melicharek, Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant

I was a 2016 Olympic marathon runner, and I took the ProNatal Fitness course when I was pregnant with my son. By applying what I learned, I am now lifting heavier than I was in the past 5 years and I’m back to running race-paced time at just 6 months postpartum!

Jane Vongvorachoti, Certified Personal Trainer & 2016 Olympian

After taking this course, I realized that after 23 years of helping women labor and birth babies as a Labor & Delivery RN, we as nurses (and doctors) are not coaching our patients appropriately with regard to the core and pelvic floor. I wish I had had this knowledge as a new L&D nurse, mom, and trainer. I look forward to helping more clients with my new certification. THANK YOU for this learning opportunity!

Melanie Jurgilanis, NASM-CPT, BSN, RNC – OB inpatient

Despite working in the fitness industry for over a decade, I experienced incontinence and low back pain after my second pregnancy. I discovered the ProNatal Fitness course right before getting pregnant with my third, and I am so thankful I did! Applying what I learned, I was able to avoid significant pains or injuries during pregnancy and experience my smoothest postpartum recovery yet – with NO incontinence or pain!

Brooke Carlson, Certified Personal Trainer

I have been implementing so many of the concepts I learned in this course in my work as a structural yoga therapist and it has been hugely beneficial. I believe that this training methodology can help revolutionize motherhood and support it being the STRONG and POWERFUL experience it is meant to be!

Nicole Katz, Structural Yoga Therapist

I am a full spectrum doula and I took this course because so many of my clients were asking me about working out during pregnancy. When I began the course, I was a birth doula for 3 clients and I taught them all many of the techniques I learned and they were immensely helpful! I truly believe that the practice they did allowed them to have the birth experiences they had always desired. I look forward to continue to teach these techniques I learned to ALL my future clients. THANK YOU!

Lindsay Salamone, Full Spectrum Doula

To say I was "blown away" by the ProNatal Fitness Specialist Course would be an understatement. Growing up, I thought that pregnancy was this "uncomfortable" experience that you just had to "deal" with, but I've been using what I learned during my own pregnancy and I've felt strong, empowered, and amazing! I want to show others that it is absolutely possible to feel good during your pregnancy and emerge even stronger than you were before.

Courtney Kessler, Certified Personal Trainer

I should have taken this course years ago! I work with mostly women, and this course has provided me with a new framework for designing programs for my pre and postnatal clients. I cannot emphasize enough how impressed I was with the quality of the education. My only regret is not taking this earlier in my career!

Irene E, Certified Personal Trainer

One of the things I liked best about this course is the amount of clarity provided in each module. In other certificate courses, I've struggled with the amount of material that feels unnecessary to properly train a client, and I end up getting confused. This is a very straightforward and concise program. I also love the number of tools we are given to help us when it comes to actually working with a client.

Emily Knieriem, Certified Personal Trainer

This course was everything I could ask for! Being a certified personal trainer already, I was surprised by just how much I learned! Even though so much of the information was new to me, I never felt overwhelmed because the course was structured in such a logical, easy-to-follow way. I've never felt so excited and prepared to coach this special population!

Luis Padilla, Certified Personal Trainer

I can't believe how much I learned in this course! Not only did I learn the specifics of training for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum recovery, but I also found this to be incredibly helpful in so many different areas of fitness and life. The material was very well presented, enjoyable to learn, and simply impactful!

Mike Owczarek, Certified Personal Trainer

This course has been one of my favorites that I’ve completed thus far in my fitness career. The modules covered so much information, but were presented in a way that I didn't feel bored or overwhelmed while going through the process. Now I not only have the confidence to train my clients during and after pregnancy, but I'm also applying so much of what I learned to ALL my clients because of how beneficial this information is for everyone.

Dianna Falzarano, Certified Group Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer

I hate tedious and long-drawn-out courses with information that I may never use. But this course was anything but that. I use what I learned in this course every single day in my work as a pre & postnatal holistic health coach, personal trainer, and doula. In addition, the on-going support I get through the ProNatal Certified Network has helped me stay on top of my game -- especially as challenging situations arise in my work.

Valerie Pedraza, ITEC Therapist, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Birth & Postpartum Doula

I used what I learned in this course to train my wife during two pregnancies (and postpartum recoveries) – and I can happily say she did phenomenally! I am so grateful for the education I received, the confidence I built, and the incredible community I joined. ProNatal Fitness is the REAL DEAL.

Troy Brooks, Certified Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor

Every coach working with female clients should be required to take this course. As a former professional soccer player, and a mother, I wish I would have had this information earlier. I now realize how things like poor posture, muscle imbalances, and an overly tight pelvic floor were affecting me. I’m excited to put this new information I have learned into action, and help other clients moving forward!

K.A.B., Former Professional Soccer Player & Current Coach/Trainer

I highly recommend this course to all fitness trainers even if you do not work specifically with pre/postnatal population. I promise you, it will positively impact the way you train ALL your clients.

Sarnia Ogidan, NASM Certified Personal Trainer


Click here to download the course overview. It includes the course outline, developer bios, and an itemized list of all the resources included in the Course only vs. the ProNatal Certified Package purchase options. You can also click here to watch a sample video lesson.

YES. We want you to feel good about your course purchase. Therefore, we allow you to take the first 3 modules risk-free. If you are not satisfied after these modules, you can request a full refund by emailing info@pronatalfitness.com and the materials from those modules are yours to keep.

Please note, our Full Course PDF (the electronic textbook of the entire course) is located after module 3. Once you hit this spot in the course where you have access to the entire textbook, we can no longer offer a refund.

We offer 3, 6, and 12 month payment plans for U.S. credit cards via Affirm. Please see details below on how it works.  We also offer 3 and 6 month payment plan options for non-U.S. credit cards. For this, please contact info@pronatalfitness.com.

How to Use the Affirm Payment Plan

Payment plans are personalized based on your credit score. Therefore, you will be asked to provide some very brief information to check your credit score. Note, this process is considered a soft credit check. It does NOT impact your credit score.

When you get to the payment section in the purchase process, select to “pay over time with Affirm” (as shown below) instead of entering any credit card information. Click “Sign up now.”

Once you click the “sign up now” button, a box (shown below) will pop-up prompting you to begin entering the necessary information to check your credit.

Enter this information, and you will see your payment plan options laid out, like below. Your monthly payments and total payment will be listed for each option with interest broken out so you can see exactly how much interest is included. Interest rates are based on your credit score and you will have the option to move forward or not.

Select the option you’d like, and click continue. It will show you the amount due today and it will also give you the dates and amounts of the next payments. You will have the option to enroll in autopay if you’d like. The entire process takes less than 5 minutes. 

If you have any questions or challenges, please reach out to us at info@pronatalfitness.com or give us a call at 516-778-9468.

Note, payment plans are not available for membership renewal fees after the first year.

Not at all. Anyone interested in this topic is welcome to take the course. If you would like to earn the additional title of ProNatal Certified Coach, you must meet the additional ProNatal Certified Requirements.

To receive your pre & postnatal certification and CECs, you must pass a final exam at the end of the course.

This a 2-hour timed exam that you take at home on your computer or device (no testing center). There are 80 multiple choice questions. You must receive 85% to pass (68 questions correct). You can use any notes you want, but you must complete the exam within the 2-hour time limit.

If you do not pass, you can purchase an exam re-test for $35. But don’t worry, we give you plenty of tips on how to prepare for the exam so you pass on the first try!

And if you do need to retake it, it’s the same test again, so you just need to review the questions you answered incorrectly.

After registering for the course, you will have 1-year access to complete the course. The course is estimated to take about 30 – 35 hours. If needed, you can purchase course access extensions for $35 per month. You will get email reminders to keep you on track, and you will always be able to see how much time you have left when you login to your course.

All written materials (module PDFs, self-check answer sheets, course downloads, and the electronic textbook of entire course) are available for you to download and keep.

If you are a member of the ProNatal Certified Network, you will have lifetime access to the latest course materials. You still need to complete the course and take your exam within 1 year, but after that, you will always be able to access the latest course materials (updated every 1-2 years) in your membership dashboard.

There are NO renewal requirements to maintain your pre & postnatal specialist certification. Once you take the course, you will have your certificate and CEUs.

To maintain your title as a ProNatal Certified Coach — along with all the other resources and benefits included in the ProNatal Certified Package — all you need to do is pay the membership fee of $150 per year. The first payment is due 1 year after your course enrollment. But you can always set your membership to not auto-renew.

Upon completing the course, you will earn your Pre & Postnatal Fitness Specialist Certification and CEUs. If you would like to earn the additional title of being a ProNatal Certified Coach, you must meet the three requirements noted in the next question.

Yes! This course is approved for the following CECs:

  • ACE 3.6
  • NASM 1.9
  • AFAA 15
  • ISSA 20
  • NSCA: 2 (Category C)
  • USAT 4 institutional CEUs

Don’t see your organization listed below? You can easily petition for CECs from your organization. Typically, the process is that you reach out to your certifying agency and ask them for a CEC petition form for you to complete. We are happy to provide you a course overview sheet that you can submit to your agency. Just reach out to us at info@pronatalfitness.com to request this.

To earn the ProNatal Certified title, badge, and feature in our Find a Coach directory, you must:

  1. Select the ProNatal Certified Option when checking out. This option also gives you immediate access to the additional resources and support included for ProNatal Certified Coaches.
  2. Pass the exam at the end of the course. See exam details above.
  3. Hold at least ONE of the following:
    • Current Nationally-Accredited Personal Training Certification
    • Current Nationally-Accredited Comprehensive Pilates Certification
    • Current Registered Yoga Teacher Certification (minimum 200-hr)
    • An Undergraduate or Graduate degree in Exercise Science or a related discipline

You will be asked to show proof of your certification when submitting your profile to be featured on our Find a Coach directory.

If you have any questions at all about your eligibility, please contact us at info@pronatalfitness.com.

That’s fine! You can still enroll in the ProNatal Certified Package at checkout and receive ALL the resources and benefits included with that package. The only benefit you would not be eligible for is the website feature and ProNatal Certified badge. However, if you end up getting one of the required certifications at any point, then we will be happy to award you the title and feature you then.

There are NO renewal requirements for the course. Once you complete the course, you will have your pre & postnatal certification and CEUs. To maintain your title (and benefits) as a ProNatal Certified Coach, all you need to do is pay the annual membership fee of $150. The first payment is due 1 year after your course enrollment. Of course, you can always set your membership to not auto-renew.

Because we update this course so frequently, we do not include a printed textbook. However, each module contains a downloadable PDF with all the detailed text. In addition, at the beginning of the course there is a Full Course PDF with a table of contents that includes hyperlinks to each module. You can download the entire course as one file, then print it and put it in a binder, separated by tabs for each module if you’d like.

We are happy to answer any questions you have!  Email us at Info@pronatalfitness.com or give us a call at 516-778-9468.

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Select the option below that’s right for you. Payment plans are available for both options. Plus, we offer a Money-Back Guarantee. See FAQs for details. Your ProNatal Certified membership renews at $150 annually (1 year from enrollment date). Cancel anytime.

Course Only
$699 USD

1-Yr Access to Online Learning Platform

Lifetime Access to Course Materials

17 Modules: Webinars, PDFs, Self-Checks

Full Course Electronic Textbook

Video Exercise Library + Sample Workouts

Fillable Forms & Programming Templates

Handouts & Resources for Your Clients

Pre/Postnatal Specialist Certification*


Best Value
ProNatal Certified Package
$799 USD

1-Yr Access to Online Learning Platform

Lifetime Access to Course Materials

17 Modules: Webinars, PDFs, Self-Checks

Full Course Electronic Textbook

Video Exercise Library + Sample Workouts

Fillable Forms & Programming Templates

Handouts & Resources for Your Clients

Pre/Postnatal Specialist Certification*


Find a Coach Feature**

ProNatal Certified Coach Badge**

Private Support Community

Workout Builder + Client Management

Live Monthly Webinars and Q&As

Video Resource Library

Access to All Course Updates


*Upon completing the course and passing the final exam.

**Upon meeting the requirements to earn the ProNatal Certified Coach title.