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You’re training for the event of your life. You deserve the best possible preparation.

The massive changes of pregnancy, demands of childbirth, and non-stop physical tasks of motherhood make this journey truly life’s “ultimate marathon.”  We understand it takes a specific training approach to prepare your body for the stresses ahead and ensure a proper recovery afterward. We offer in-home personal training in New York City from a talented team of pre and postnatal experts.  We also educate trainers across the country, so you can search for a PROnatal Certified professional in your area.  Select one of our options below to start your journey.

New York City

We offer in-home personal training in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens by our talented team of PROnatal Fitness Personal Trainers. Click below to receive details and pricing, and learn more about our approach.

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Trainer Directory

These are other professionals who do not work for PROnatal Fitness, but who have completed the PROnatal Education Program and passed a screening exam to be endorsed on our website.

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Our Training Approach

Just as the way you’d train for a marathon looks very different from the way you’d train for a golf tournament or tennis match, we believe the same is true for the pregnancy and postpartum periods. The demands are specific. The training should be too.  This is why we utilize a Performance Training Approach to train your body to successfully manage all the challenges and stresses of your journey, and emerge even stronger.

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When I started with my trainer I had a large abdominal separation (diastasis recti). Now my abs feel like the strongest part of my body, and I'm back to lifting weights and doing all the things I used to love doing!

Jenny W. Mom to newborn and 5-year old

I know that the work I did with my trainer during pregnancy is a key reason I’ve enjoyed a rapid recovery after giving birth – even after an unplanned C-section. I am moving around pain-free, I’m closing in on my pre-pregnancy weight, and---most importantly---I have lots of energy for taking care of my new daughter. PROnatal Fitness is one of the best investments I have made in my health.

Naomi R, first-time mom

I have been committed to working out throughout my life – regularly taking ballet, barre, and spin classes – but since working with my trainer during my pregnancy and postpartum recovery for baby #2, I can honestly say that my stomach and posture have never looked this good – even after 2 kids!

Randi S, mom to a 2 year old and 5 month old

I had a tough delivery due to my baby’s larger size, but I was able to push through successfully (literally) with no epidural! I am fully convinced that the training I received from PROnatal Fitness played a big role in helping me through this. I’m sure things would have been different had I not been as physically prepared!

R.V, Mom to a 3 year-old and newborn.

I started working with my trainer after the birth of my son, and already feel stronger and healthier now than I did before I was pregnant! I also feel confident about how to safely and effectively exercise during my next pregnancy. BEST trainer I have ever worked with.

Jamie M. First-time mom

With the help of my PROnatal Fitness trainer, I was still able to carry around my 35lb toddler even while 9 months pregnant with #2. Now I’m back to exercising again, and pleasantly surprised by how strong I feel!

Alex S. Mom of toddler and newborn.