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Online Training Details

Your trainer will guide you through a Performance Training Program specific to your prenatal or postpartum journey.  Throughout the process, your trainer monitors your progress, makes program updates, and holds you accountable to help you maximize your success.  Learn more about your workouts below.

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Program Customization, How We Do It

Our program customization begins with an Online Assessment Form that you complete prior to starting this program to help us learn more about your history, conditions, needs, and goals.  However, the other (very important) part of the program customization is observing how you move.  So, part of your first video session will be a simple “movement assessment” so that your trainer can observe your natural behavior and movement patterns to get a comprehensive picture of your body’s needs.

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Monthly Video Sessions, What to Expect

Each month begins with a 60-minute video session where your trainer will coach you through the key techniques and movement patterns for the month ahead so you can feel confident you’re doing things right when working out on your own. This is also an important time for your trainer to observe your progress, make any necessary program adjustments, and answer your questions to ensure you continue to progress at the pace that’s right for you.

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Weekly Workouts, Via Digital App

Your trainer sends you three 40-minute workouts per week via our easy-to-use digital app (or two workouts per week if you prefer). If you are postpartum, you’ll also receive a daily 5-8 minute Core Recovery routine during your first 1-2 months (or until you “graduate” the Core Recovery program). The app guides you through your workouts step-by-step with video demonstrations of each movement (like this) and specific instructions from your trainer.

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Equipment Needed, Bands and Door Anchor

Our workouts are designed to be done in-home.  The only equipment we ask you to purchase are these resistance bands and door anchor.  Other than that, we’ll use traditional household objects (and depending on your floor, you may want a mat or towel).  If you will be doing these workouts at your gym, you can substitute weights or cables for some exercises.  You WILL still need the resistance bands, but you will not need the door anchor.