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Consultation Details

Prior to your session, you’ll complete a brief in-take form to help your trainer get to know you (and your needs and goals) in advance.  You’ll also receive some preliminary education from your trainer to set you up for success.  Your 60-minute session will be conducted via Zoom and will consist of the following:

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Movement Assessment, Understanding Your Body's Needs

In order to provide the best program for you, your trainer will conduct a simple “movement assessment” to observe your natural behavior and movement patterns and get a comprehensive picture of your body’s needs.  This is also a wonderful opportunity for you to learn more about your strengths and key areas to focus on, and gain insights that can set you up for a lifetime of better movement.  Finally, if you are postpartum, you’ll receive directions ahead of time on how to perform a Diastasis Recti Self-Check and you’ll discuss these results, and implications, as well.

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Alignment Work, Improving the way you move

One of the key things your trainer will be observing during your assessment is your alignment – the way you position your body when you stand, sit, and move.  While it may not seem like the sexiest topic, your alignment plays one of the BIGGEST roles in your ability to mitigate pains and injuries and expedite your postpartum recovery because how you move throughout your day (every day) certainly adds up.  Your trainer will observe your alignment tendencies, then teach you how to find your own neutral alignment and learn to sit, stand, and move in neutral too.

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Core Techniques, Instruction and Practice

In addition to your alignment, the other factor that plays the BIGGEST role in your pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum experience is how you train the critical muscles of your deep core.  You will learn the most important muscles to focus on for prenatal training and postpartum recovery (and why), and spend time practicing a few of the most important core training techniques — including the exercise we refer to as the #1 most effective core exercise there is. You will receive instructional videos of these techniques as well so you will always have them to refer to.

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Discuss Your Questions, Get them Answered

We recognize this is a time when you likely have no shortage of questions! Your trainer will leave time to answer your questions, and ensure you feel confident coming out of your session.  If you feel you want to continue working with your trainer beyond your consultation, you’ll be given the option to upgrade to monthly coaching so you can meet with your trainer on a regular basis and ask questions at any time.  You’ll also have the option of simply scheduling ad-hoc video sessions whenever you want.