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We offer in-home training in New York City from our rigorously trained team of pre and postnatal experts. Choose when and where you want to work out and your trainer comes directly to you.  We work in building gyms, living rooms, outdoors – wherever you prefer.  Don’t have a training space in mind?  We can help find one.  Review our Training Tiers and Pricing, then get started by completing our New Client Form below to help us recommend the best trainer for you based on your needs, goals, and preferences.

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What Makes Our Training Different?

The motherhood journey places very specific stresses on your body.  Therefore, our trainers utilize the PROnatal Performance Training Approach to help you successfully manage the stresses of pregnancy, prepare for childbirth, and recover fully (or emerge even stronger) afterward.

Our trainers also appreciate the awesome opportunity and responsibility they have in working with women during one of the most transformative periods of their lives. As such, they become your partner – supporting you every step of your journey to help you emerge stronger (physically, mentally, emotionally).

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Even though I had a larger baby, I was able to push through successfully (literally) with no epidural! I am fully convinced that the training I received from PROnatal Fitness played a big role in helping me through this. I’m sure things would have been different had I not been as physically prepared.

R.V, Mom to a 3 year-old and newborn

I have been committed to working out throughout my life – regularly taking barre and spin classes – but since working with my trainer during my pregnancy and postpartum recovery for baby #2, I can honestly say that my stomach and posture have never looked this good – even after 2 kids!

Randi S, mom to a 2 year old and 5 month old

With the help of my PROnatal Fitness trainer, I was still able to carry around my 35lb toddler even while 9 months pregnant with #2! Now I’m back to exercising again and pleasantly surprised by how strong I feel.

Alex S, mom of toddler and newborn

I know that the work I did with my trainer during pregnancy is a key reason I’ve enjoyed a rapid recovery after giving birth – even after an unplanned C-section. I am moving around pain-free, I’m closing in on my pre-pregnancy weight, and---most importantly---I have lots of energy for taking care of my new daughter. PROnatal Fitness is one of the best investments I have made in my health.

Naomi R, first-time mom

I am 3 weeks away from my due date and feel strong, connected with my body, and ready for the physical aspects of childbirth and postpartum recovery – all because of what my PROnatal trainer has taught me. She was incredibly knowledgeable and professional and made me feel so safe exercising in this new body of mine. I am so grateful I discovered PROnatal Fitness!

Alanna G – First time expecting mom