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Intro Course Details

See details below on topics covered in the course, and what you receive upon completion.

Course Content Outline

MODULE 1: Rationale for a Performance Training Approach
We begin by looking at how our views on prenatal exercise has evolved over the past several decades, and share the benefits to mother and baby that research has uncovered. We then review the latest ACOG guidelines (April 2020), and introduce the rationale for our Performance Training Approach, and why we believe this is the best way to prepare women for the specific demands ahead of them.

MODULE 2: The Demands of Pregnancy (How the Body Changes)
Discover the changes the body goes through during pregnancy, and understand the specific implications for exercise. We break these changes down into those that are NOT impacted by the amount of weight gained vs. those that ARE (the greater the amount gained, the greater the change).

MODULE 3: The Demands of Childbirth and Motherhood
Discover what actually happens during labor (Hollywood has not painted the most accurate picture here), then dive into the demands of motherhood and the very physical nature of this role. With a greater appreciation for the demands of each, you will be better able to effectively prepare your clients.

MODULE 4: Prenatal Performance Training Introduction
Get introduced to our 3-stage prenatal Performance Training Framework. You’ll get an overview of the framework and how it works, then we’ll dive into a few elements in the first stage (Foundation). You’ll learn powerful techniques that will help your clients improve their core strength, mitigate pains & injuries (especially diastasis recti and pelvic floor issues), and expedite their postpartum recovery.

MODULE 5: Where to “Grow” from Here
In the event you’re interested in continuing your learning journey, we’ll give you a deeper look into our Pre/Postnatal Performance Training Specialist Course, as well as our Group Instructor Mini Course, so you can decide if either course might be right for you.

What You Receive Upon Completion

Certificate of Completion

CECs (ACE: 0.4, NASM 0.4, AFAA 4.0)

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There is no final exam at the end of the course. Simply progress through all the modules and self-checks to earn your certificate and CECs.