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Introductory Course

Learn the Basics of our Performance Training Approach

This course, How to “Train” Women for Pregnancy, provides an introduction to our full length Pre/Postnatal Performance Training Specialist education. Learn about the physiological changes of pregnancy, discover what happens during childbirth, and understand the physical demands of motherhood that you will need to prepare your clients for. Then, get introduced to our Performance Training Approach, and learn important foundational techniques that will help your clients improve their core strength, mitigate pains & injuries, and expedite their postpartum recovery. Come away with powerful coaching strategies that you can immediately apply — even for your non-pregnant clients.

CECs: ACE 0.4, NASM 0.4, AFAA 4.0

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Our Approach

What You Receive

  • Self-Paced Learning Modules
  • Lifetime access (including all updates)
  • Webinars and Downloadable Text
  • Self-Checks to Gauge Comprehension
  • Certificate of Completion & CECs
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Course Content

This course includes 4 learning modules that you progress through at your own pace (approximately 4-6 hours). Each module contains a webinar, downloadable text, and self-check. There is no final exam. Course topics include:

MODULE 1: Rationale for a Performance Training Approach
Explore how views on prenatal exercise have evolved over the past several decades. Learn how applying the evidence-based principles of performance-based program design can help your clients better manage the specific stresses placed on their bodies and emerge even stronger.

MODULE 2: The Demands of Pregnancy (How the Body Changes)
Understand how the body changes during pregnancy and the specific stresses you will need to prepare your clients for so they can be successful in managing them.

MODULE 3: The Demands of Childbirth and Motherhood
Discover what actually happens during labor then dive into the very physical demands of motherhood. With a greater appreciation for the stresses of each, you will be better able to effectively prepare your clients.

MODULE 4: Prenatal Performance Training Introduction
Get introduced to our 3-stage prenatal Performance Training Framework and how it works. Then, dive into a few important elements in the first stage (Foundation). Come away with powerful tips that you can immediately apply with ALL your clients.


Course Price: $79

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This was the most useful CEU course I've taken in my 6 years as a trainer. The content was excellent and straight forward – very different from most other mind-numbing intro courses I’ve taken.

Nicholas LaRocca, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

I've taken a few other pre/postnatal courses, and this was the first time I have seen some of this information. I found the introduction to the labor process fascinating and well presented, and appreciated how applicable the programming principles were to preparing women for pregnancy, labor, and the daily demands of motherhood. I will continue to reference the material with my clients. Thanks so much for putting together such a comprehensive overview!

Erica Friedman, NASM-CPT, CPPC

This course was such an eye opener for me, and I was fascinated by all the information provided. The content is thorough, but to the point, and is so well-written and easy to understand. It’s a great taster that gets you excited for the full course!

Sally Salama, Group Fitness Instructor

The course promised I'd have ideas I could immediately apply with all my clients, and it delivered. This is a great pre & postnatal course, but it also has elements that can serve so many different populations.

Shu-Fy Pongnon, Certified Group Fitness Instructor

The entire approach to training for pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood...it's all so logical and makes sense! Loved having the data to back up the claims. The information was insightful, thorough, and interesting. I learned so much!

Claire Yanta-O'Mahoney, Certified Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor

The information -- and the way it was explained -- made so much sense. I was able to gain much more knowledge in this short course and feel more confident with my own pregnancy and training other pregnant women. Wonderful course!

Tamara Nisanov, Certified Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor

I think this is a brilliant introduction to pre & postnatal coaching that all coaches should be required to do as a bare minimum! Excellent content that has inspired me to now study further.

Jess Hull, Certified Personal Trainer

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Course Price: $79