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Hallie Kazda

ProNatal Certified Coach

Hallie Kazda

ProNatal Certified Coach

My goal is to empower new parents and help them approach their birth and recovery with the knowledge and confidence they deserve. As a mom myself, I know how pivotal your training approach can be when it comes to preparing for a strong pregnancy and birth experience.

My coaching is the perfect blend of functional strength, kettlebell technique (which is the perfect practice tool for parenthood), and active mobility training. All of my clients – whether they are prenatal, postpartum, or beyond – learn how to move better, increase their body’s capacity, get stronger, and live pain-free.

I am a Movement Coach and have been in the fitness industry for over 11 years. I began as a yoga instructor and then transitioned into personal training in 2016. After spending 4 years at Equinox in a commercial gym setting, I created my own private training business. Since 2020, I have since expanded my business and I am currently working with clients virtually all over the world.

Physical strength is only one benefit of a strength training practice. More importantly, it facilitates an adaptable and confident human, someone who is able to thrive in any environment – and this is especially important as we prepare our minds and bodies for a strong birth experience.


Kitsap Peninsula


  • Certified Kettlebell Athletics Instructor
  • Certified Kinstretch Instructor
  • Certified Level 2 Animal Flow Instructor
  • Certified Personal Trainer