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Drew Cotton

ProNatal Certified Coach

Drew Cotton

ProNatal Certified Coach

Hello! I’m a certified personal trainer through NCCPT as well as a pre/post natal training specialist. I also hold trx, kettle bell, power lifting, and olympic lifting certifications. As a former athlete and musical theater performer, I have a unique approach to health and fitness. My goals are always to provide a safe and welcoming place for you to begin or continue your fitness journey. No matter where you’re at with your health and fitness, I will cater to your needs and goals to help you achieve them. Whether it’s to be able to play with your kids and not be exhausted after 5 minutes, move through every day parent activities with less pain and discomfort, and feel strong and comfortable in your own skin, my focus is solely on you. Based out of midtown NYC, I work out of a physical therapy office called Recalibrate PT alongside a physical therapist, chiropractor, and foot/ankle surgeon with the goal being to provide as close to a one stop shop of health and wellness for our patience/clients. I have made a point to surround myself with other medical professionals so that I can continue to bring top of the line care to my clients. I am currently in the process of becoming a corrective exercise specialist as well so that I can continue to approach each session with you with care and specialized focus to maximize our time together.  I can see clients both in person and virtually over zoom.




Recalibrate Physical Therapy

11 W 36th st

4th floor

New York, New York




  • Certified Personal Trainer