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Programming Course

Learn how to design more effective training programs (for ALL clients)

Do you struggle to plan out big picture training programs for your clients? Are you constantly looking for new ways to add variety to prevent your clients from getting bored or hitting a plateau? Do you find it difficult to design programs that are efficient for all client scenarios while also being easily customizable to their specific needs?

In this mini course, A Simple Guide to Program Design, we deconstruct the (often complex) process of designing personal training programs in a user-friendly way. Come away with a simple step-by-step guide to creating cohesive training programs that enable ALL your clients — not just your pre & postnatal ones — to consistently progress, stay motivated, and achieve their goals.

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What You'll Learn

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Come Away Knowing How to:
  • Create a big picture plan for any client based on the client’s goal, timeframe, and assessment results
  • Segment your macrocycle into smaller, skill-based stages
  • Construct individual sessions that link together in a cohesive way to avoid “session whiplash”
  • Add variety to your programs in a manner that piques client engagement and ensures consistent progress toward goals

Course Contents

Below is a summary of the course content. Click on the purple links to watch a small excerpt of the webinar from the module.


Module 1: A “Novel” Perspective on Program Design
This course begins with a look at how writing a program is similar in structure to writing a novel. A well thought-through plan helps to create cohesion among training sessions, so that your client can avoid session whiplash, and build stronger connections to the abilities they must develop to achieve their goals.


Module 2: The Macrocycle (the story arc)
The macrocycle is the largest unit of the program and is the long-form plan. Think of this as the story arc of your novel. To build it, you will need to consider the 3 Big Rocks of the assessment.


Module 3: The Mesocycle (the chapters)
With the story arc (macrocycle) framed out, we’ll teach you how to break the story down into chapters, or mesocycles (mid-size training blocks with specific skill objectives). Learn how to create mesocycles in a way that gives clients a balance between consistency and variety, so they establish momentum and stay engaged.


Module 4: The Microcycle (the paragraphs)
The last step in the program design process is constructing the individual sessions (or microcycles). Think of these as the paragraphs within each chapter. They must link together in a logical way so there is a relationship to the overall “plot” (or macrocycle). If constructed right, your clients will progress from session to session making consistent progress while staying very engaged (like a riveting novel they can’t put down!).


Module 5: Programming Variables (the descriptive detail)
Now it’s time to dive into the numerous variables that you can manipulate to add variety and challenge to your clients’ workouts. Think of this as the descriptive detail that makes the novel more interesting and engaging to read. Before diving into the variables, we’ll cover the #1 most important question to ask first to help you make the most appropriate decisions for your client.


Module 6: Case Studies
Throughout the course, we’ve used a prenatal client as our model when showing application of the principles, but this approach is designed to meet the needs of ALL clients. In this module, we’ll show you how to apply this approach to seniors, athletes, and even “fitness enthusiasts” with no specific training goals.

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I wish I had this material earlier in my career! So often, I pieced different learnings and programming advice together -- only to feel frustrated and overwhelmed. This course provides a simple, step-by-step process that helps clients achieve peak performance and health. I feel so much more confident about designing programs for all my clients now that I have this concrete structure to rely on.

Danielle Ragan, Certified Personal Trainer & Health Coach

PROnatal has done it again! After taking this mini-course, I feel much more confident about my ability to design programs that will help my clients achieve results and meet their goals. I’m so grateful to be a part of the PROnatal Fitness community and to learn from their courses and programs as I strive to be an evidence-based professional.

Angela Lancaster, Certified Personal Trainer

This course is imperative for any personal trainer who is serious about furthering their career. You will learn ways to design a structured long-term program, but also offer variety within that structure so your clients stay motivated and achieve their goals. Trainers of every sport will benefit from this course.

Anthony Carstens, Certified Personal Trainer

As a personal trainer for over 17 years, I felt like I understood the basics of program design but lacked the discipline to implement it properly because it felt too laborious. This course broke the whole process down into very manageable pieces with useful templates to use. This is just what I needed to make programming more efficient!

Abby Kurtz, Certified Personal Trainer and Owner of Pea in the Pod Fitness

This is a truly valuable resource for personal trainers. It provides a simple system that walks you through programming for a client in a systematic way – and it’s applicable regardless of your preferred modality or the population you work with.

Larry Ahearn, Certified Personal Trainer & Endurance Coach

This course is an excellent investment for any personal trainer. The fundamentals you learn will help you design long-term programs that help clients of all demographics better achieve their goals. You will also learn how to design a wider variety of individual workouts to keep your clients engaged and motivated over the course of their training program.

Ryan Stec, Fitness and Strength Coach

This course is a great addition to any personal trainer's education, regardless of their specialty!

Dia Qirreh, Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor

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