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Work with a PROnatal Expert from Anywhere

Get the benefits of having your own personal trainer with the flexibility of being able to do your workouts whenever and wherever you want.  Through a combination of video conferencing and an easy-to-use digital app, your trainer will design and coach you through a customized Performance Training Program to help you achieve your personal best on your specific prenatal or postpartum journey.

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How Our Training Works

Our goal is to provide you with the right balance of personalized support and workout flexibility. Therefore, your trainer begins by assessing your needs and designing a customized program. Then, your trainer meets with you monthly via video session and sends you three workouts per week via our digital app for you to do on your own. Throughout your journey, your trainer monitors your progress, answers your questions, and sends you additional resources to support your success. Get the details below.

Expert Coaching

Select your trainer from our team of talented PROnatal Certified coaches.  Meet monthly with your trainer via video session and have on-going communication via the app.

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Workout Flexibility

Your trainer sends you customized workouts each week via our easy-to-use digital app. You log your workouts as you do them, so your trainer can monitor your progress.

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Additional Resources

Each month, your trainer will send you additional pregnancy or postpartum resources specific to your stage or interests from our team of women’s health experts.

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Monthly Membership Includes:

Trainer Selection

Assessment & Program Customization

Monthly 60-min Video Sessions

Weekly Workouts Delivered Via App

Core Recovery Program (Postpartum Only)

Accountability Tracking

Progress Monitoring & Program Updates

Additional Resources from Women’s Health Team

On-going Access to Trainer for Questions



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Looking for workouts you can do on your own?

If you’d prefer to purchase a program that you can do on your own without the personalized support, explore our Self-Guided Online Programs.  We offer programs for all needs and budgets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our workouts are designed to be done in-home, but they can certainly be done in a gym as well.  In many exercises, you can swap out the resistance bands we use for weights or the gym cable machines.

COVID-19 guidance: While you can certainly do these at a gym as well, we recommend avoiding shared spaces like this at this time.

The only equipment we ask you to purchase are these simple resistance bands and door anchor Other than that, we’ll use traditional household objects (and depending on your floor, you may want a mat or towel).  If you will be doing these workouts at your gym, you can substitute weights for some exercises.  You WILL still need the resistance bands for some moves, but you will not need the door anchor.

COVID-19 guidance: We recommend avoiding shared spaces like a gym at this time.

For your convenience, we bill each month automatically, but there is NO commitment to train for a certain amount of months.  You will be sent a notification 5 days prior to your billing renewal to give you the option to cancel if you’d like.  You can cancel at any time and you will maintain access to your subscription until your monthly cycle ends.  We do not offer partial refunds.

We understand that working with a personal trainer is very much like dating.  Finding the right fit is so important!  Before booking your consultation, look through our trainer bios and watch their videos to find a match you think is right.  However, after working with your trainer a few times, if you do not feel the match is right, please contact us at and we will personally match you with a different trainer.

Your trainer will be there to support you every step of your journey.  You’ll always have that 60-min video session each month, and then your trainer will be tracking your progress as you log your workouts.  Your trainer will check in with you more frequently in the beginning as you are getting up to speed with everything, but you always have access to your trainer for questions via the app.  You can send your trainer a note, provide feedback on a workout, or even send a video of you performing a movement to ask for a form-check.

During pregnancy, the sooner you can start the better (provided you have clearance from your doctor).  Remember, we view prenatal training like preparing for a major athletic event, so the more preparation you have, the better (yes even before pregnancy is great!).  That said, you can begin with us at ANY time.  Whether you are 10 weeks or 30 weeks along, you will certainly get value.  Remember at the end, we educate you on tips for expediting your postpartum recovery, so even if you begin with us toward the end, you’ll get that benefit.

After pregnancy, you must have clearance from your doctor to resume exercise.  This comes at the postpartum check-up, which typically happens 4-6 weeks after a vaginal birth, and about 8 weeks after a C-section.  After getting clearance, the sooner you can begin with us the better because we will ensure you approach your recovery in the safest and most effective manner.  That said, we have women who start with us several months or even years postpartum because they may not have gone through the appropriate recovery steps, and are therefore still dealing with issues like Diastasis Recti and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction.  Our trainers specialize in this and can therefore help you at ANY point along your postpartum recovery – no matter how long it’s been since your delivery.

YES.  Proper Core recovery is a huge part of what we focus on.  PROnatal has a 3-stage Core Recovery Protocol that forms the foundation of our postpartum training.  This protocol restores proper core activation and gradually builds strength from the inside out.  It is also highly effective in helping you recover from Diastasis Recti, a C-section delivery, and mild pelvic floor issues.  Your trainer will assess you and determine if your condition warrants a necessary referral to a qualified women’s health physical therapist.