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Online Training

Work with a PROnatal Expert from Anywhere

Whether you are looking for a one-time session to learn the fundamentals, or seeking a coach to work with throughout your pregnancy or postpartum recovery, our Online Trainers are here to give you the support you need during your motherhood journey.  It all begins with our 60-minute consultation. During this session, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your body’s needs and learn some of the most fundamental principles that will set you up for success – not just in your specific motherhood journey, but for the rest of your life.

60-Minute Consultation


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Consultation Details

Begin by selecting your trainer from our team of talented PROnatal online Trainers.  Complete an intake form so that your trainer can begin to learn about you and your needs prior to your session and come prepared to make the most of your time. During your session, you will:

Understand your body’s strengths and opportunity areas

Get assessed for Diastasis Recti and Pelvic Floor Issues

Appreciate the critical role your alignment plays

Learn movement strategies to help mitigate pains and injuries

Discover the keys to proper core and pelvic floor training

Master the “#1 most core effective exercise”

Get your questions answered

60-Minute Consultation: $99

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On-Going Coaching

We view training for pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum recovery like training for a major athletic event because the stresses placed on your body during this time our comparable.  Therefore, our trainers utilize a Performance Training Approach to help you successfully manage the increased stresses placed on your body and emerge even stronger in the end.  Your trainer will design a customized program for you based on your specific needs, stage, and goals to help you achieve your personal best on your specific journey. Throughout the process, your trainer will be your partner – sharing resources and education with you, answering your questions, and supporting you every step of the way.

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Additional Training Options

If you don’t feel you need the personalized coaching, you also have the option of purchasing one of our self-guided programs to train on your own via the PROnatal Fitness app. You can always purchase additional consultation sessions with your trainer whenever you need them for $99.

Frequently Asked Questions

During pregnancy, the sooner you can start the better (provided you have clearance from your doctor).  Remember, we view prenatal training like preparing for a major athletic event, so the more preparation you have, the better (yes even before pregnancy is great!). That said, you can begin with us at ANY time. Whether you are 10 weeks or 30 weeks along, you will certainly get value. If you’re toward the end of your pregnancy, we can focus your consultation more on childbirth preparation and postpartum recovery education, so you will still get plenty of value at any stage!

You CAN begin immediately after birth, but your 1-Month program would be focused only on the core recovery routines, and not the strength training workouts. In order to receive the workouts as well, your must have clearance from your doctor to exercise. This comes at the postpartum check-up, which typically happens 4-6 weeks after a vaginal birth, and about 8 weeks after a C-section. After getting clearance, the sooner you can begin with us the better because we will ensure you approach your recovery in the safest and most effective manner.

That said, it is never too late to start! Many women begin several months or years postpartum because they are still dealing with issues like Diastasis Recti and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. Our trainers specialize in this and can therefore help you at ANY point along your postpartum recovery – no matter how long it’s been since your delivery.

YES. Proper Core recovery is a huge part of what we focus on. PROnatal has a 3-stage Core Recovery Protocol that forms the foundation of our postpartum training. This protocol restores proper core activation and gradually builds strength from the inside out. It is also highly effective in helping you recover from Diastasis Recti, a C-section delivery, and mild pelvic floor issues. Your trainer will assess you and determine if your condition warrants a necessary referral to a qualified women’s health physical therapist.

We understand that working with a personal trainer is very much like dating. Finding the right fit is so important! Before booking your consultation, look through our trainer bios and watch their videos to find a match you think is right. However, after meeting with your trainer, if you want to continue, but don’t feel your trainer is a good match, please contact us at and we will personally recommend a different trainer based on your needs and preferences.