Our Approach

Learn how our Performance Training approach can help you coach women to achieve their personal best during what is truly the “event of a lifetime.”

You’ll know exactly what she’s training for

You know that training a client for a marathon looks very different from how you’d train a client for a golf tournament – because the demands of each activity are different. We help you understand the exact demands your pre and postnatal clients are training for – breaking down the physiological and biomechanical changes of pregnancy, the position and energy requirements of labor, and the ADLs of motherhood – so you have clear training goals, and understand what success looks like for each.

You’ll have a proven programming framework

Learning new information is great, but often applying that information to develop actual client programs can be quite challenging.  We give you a clear, progressive programming framework for during and after pregnancy, and teach you how to apply it with any client – regardless of her stage, fitness level, or when she begins training with you – to maximize her performance (and minimize injury) at every stage of her motherhood journey.

You’ll know how to better assess individual needs

No two women experience pregnancy the same, and each woman must be progressed in a manner that’s safest and most effective for her own body.  We teach you a unique and powerful assessment strategy that will give you deeper insight into how your clients move and function outside the gym. Combining this insight with our programming framework, you’ll be able to easily create individualized programs to help any client – regardless of her stage, fitness level, or when she begins training – achieve her personal best.

You’ll learn how to truly maximize her performance

We know that pregnancy, childbirth, and early motherhood will likely be the greatest physical, mental, and emotional challenge most women will ever face.  You’ll learn exactly how to push your clients so they can meet each challenge with strength and resilience, but in a very safe and methodical way that helps them gradually build the functional strength needed to not just endure their journey, but truly thrive.

Become a Pre/Postnatal Performance Training Specialist.

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