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Prenatal Program Details

Our Prenatal Training Programs utilize our Performance Training Approach to help you train for three goals simultaneously: an easier pregnancy, smoother delivery, and faster postpartum recovery. All workouts utilize can be done with these simple, resistance bands, door anchor, and traditional household objects. See below for everything that’s included in our 36-week, 24-week, and 12-week prenatal programs.

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Structured Training Program, Based On When You Start

Your workouts build upon each other to progress you through our Prenatal Performance Training Framework at the pace and intensity that’s right for you depending on when you start. Begin by building a solid Foundation of neutral alignment, deep core activation, and proper movement mechanics. Then, progress onto building Strength to help you mitigate pains and injuries often caused by the increased stresses of pregnancy. Finally, begin your Birth Prep by learning specific strategies to help you during labor — from LIIT™ (Labor Intensity Interval Training), to pushing prep, pain management strategies, and more.

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Weekly Workouts, via Digital App

Our strength-focused total body workouts are designed to be done 3 days per week and take 30-40 min or less. The easy-to-use digital app guides you through your workouts step-by-step with video demonstrations of each movement (like this). Log your workouts when you’re done, and the app keeps track of your progress. Our 36, 24, and 12-week program lengths are based on training the recommended 3 days per week. You can progress faster by training 4 days per week. You can also train 2 days per week. Just recognize this will extend your program length.

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Empowering Education, Specific to Your Stage

Throughout your program, you’ll receive easy-to-understand education to empower you with the knowledge you need to confidently exercise on your own — knowing exactly what’s best for your body. We’ll help you understand the “why” behind the movements you’re doing, provide guidance on what to avoid, teach you how to mitigate issues with Diastasis Recti and other pregnancy-induced pains or injuries, and share weekly tips and resources to support you throughout every stage and help you prepare for birth and postpartum recovery.

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Nutrition Guidance, Maximize Your Pregnancy Diet

We’ve partnered with Pre/Postnatal Registered Dietitian Madison Milmeister, MS, RD to provide a host of resources to help you optimize your nutrition for you and your growing baby, including weight gain guidelines, nutrient and supplementation needs, “risky” foods, healthy meal and snack ideas, tips for mitigating issues like nausea and constipation, and general guidance to maximize your pregnancy diet.

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Childbirth Preparation, Education and Resources

We’ve partnered with Certified Childbirth Educator and Founder of Birth Smarter, Ashley Brichter, CCCE, CLC to ensure you feel prepared and confident going into your BIG day. We cover the evolution of childbirth, breakdown the stages of labor, and give you specific strategies for each stage. We also share resources that may be helpful for you, including virtual support groups and a review of various birthing classes.

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Private Support Group, With Lifetime Access

All programs include complimentary lifetime access to our private Facebook community for participants in our self-guided training programs. In this group, you can communicate directly with the PROnatal leadership team, our expert Advisors, and a network of supportive peers. It’s a wonderful forum to ask questions, provide feedback, share stories, get advice, and build that ever-important support network to help you through every step of your motherhood journey!

I bought the Prenatal 24-Week Program when I was in my second trimester, and it has been, in a word, lifesaving. It’s so difficult to know what the best exercises are, and this program removes all the confusion and guesswork. The app kept me moving throughout my pregnancy in a challenging, but safe way that supported my continually changing body and helped me prepare for labor AND motherhood. I know for certain that it is one of the reasons I haven't struggled with pregnancy aches or pains. Now I feel strong and prepared for labor, which is likely just a few short weeks away!

Jamie W, first-time expecting mom

I started the Prenatal 24-Week program when I was 15 weeks pregnant because I was pregnant with twins and already experiencing some pelvic pain. Now, I’m 35 weeks pregnant, the pelvic pain is gone, and I’m still carrying my twins well (a huge physical feat considering at 28 weeks, I had as much baby weight in me as some women have at 40 weeks!). Having a guided, structured strength training program to follow has been so helpful in keeping me active and strong throughout my pregnancy, and having it pre-scheduled has kept me accountable. I just wish I would have found this earlier on in my pregnancy, but I’ve recommended the program to all my pregnant friends!

Virginia, 35 weeks pregnant with twins

I did the 12-week prenatal program, and it kept me exercising regularly into my 36th week, and helped me handle my C-section birth well. Without the scheduled sessions, I would have likely stopped exercising much sooner and would not have felt as strong going into childbirth. This program was a great deal. I highly recommend it!

Leigh E, first-time expecting mom

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0 – 8 weeks pregnant: 36-week program
9 – 19 weeks pregnant: 24-week program
20 + weeks pregnant: 12-week program

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36-Weeks: $199 24-Weeks: $159

12-weeks: $89