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Postpartum Program Details

This 16-week program helps you heal your core, build strength, and get back to doing the activities you love (and perhaps more). It includes a 5-8 minute daily core recovery routine (first 8 weeks only) and three total body workouts per week — along with nutrition guidance and other tips and resources to support your recovery. All workouts can be done with these simple resistance bands and door anchor (and the occasional household object). Discover everything the program includes below.

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Structured Training, Workouts Build Upon Each Other

Your workouts systematically progress you through our proprietary postpartum training stages. Begin by rebuilding your core from the inside out, improving your alignment, and mastering proper movement mechanics (key to expediting your recovery). Then progress onto building strength — especially your core strength — to prepare your body for higher intensities (and life with a 25 – 30 lb toddler). Finally, learn how to introduce impact and high intensity work in a very safe and effective way that preserves the progress you’ve made.

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Weekly Workouts, Via Digital App

Our strength-focused total body workouts are designed to be done 3 days per week and take 30-40 min (or less). The easy-to-use app allows you to plan and log your workouts to help you stay on track. The workouts are setup like a personal training session (not like a follow-along class). Each exercise shows you a video demonstration (like this) and gives you guidance on reps. Log your workouts when you’re done, and the app keeps track of your progress.

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Core Recovery, First 8 Weeks

In addition to your weekly workouts, the first 8 weeks of your program will also include a daily 5 – 8 minute Core Recovery Routine. The exercises in this routine will not feel like your traditional core exercises. They are designed to target your deepest core muscles to rebuild your core from the inside out. This core recovery work will help you heal from diastasis recti (and a cesarean birth if applicable), restore strength to your pelvic floor, and build a truly strong and functional core. After 8 weeks, you will have completed the Core Recovery Program and will no longer have these daily exercises.

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Weekly Education, Designed to Empower

Throughout your program, you’ll receive easy-to-understand education, tips, and resources to support your recovery and empower you with the knowledge you need to confidently exercise on your own — knowing exactly what’s best for your body. We’ll explain the “why” behind the movements you’re doing, provide guidance on what to avoid, teach you the keys to healing diastasis recti and building a strong core, and share weekly tips and resources to support your recovery. Many of the principles you learn in this program can have a lifetime impact.

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Nutrition Guidance, Maximize Your Postpartum Diet

As part of the weekly bonus education, you receive nutrition tips from Registered Dietitian and PROnatal Advisory Board Member Madison Milmeister, MS, RD — including nutrients and food sources to support healing, guidance on safe and effective weight loss, nutritional approaches to optimize breast milk, and tips to reduce postpartum constipation and bloating.

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Private Support Group, With Lifetime Access

All programs include complimentary lifetime access to our private Facebook community for participants in our self-guided training programs. In this group, you can communicate directly with the PROnatal leadership team and a network of supportive peers. It’s a wonderful forum to ask questions, provide feedback, share stories, get advice, and build that ever-important support network to help you through every stage of your journey!

I just completed the Postpartum Training Program and am happy to report, I lost inches, gained a lot of tone, improved my posture, and feel so much stronger! I loved having a structured program to follow and being able to schedule and move my workouts around. I found the program benefitted me throughout my day as I became more aware of my breathing and moving in better alignment. I noticed that, as I progressed through the program, I needed to increase my weights which made me feel stronger and more powerful. Overall, it definitely exceeded my expectations!

Emily T, mom of 1-year old

This program was EXACTLY what I needed to recover and regain my fitness postpartum. The bite-sized daily core recovery routines and weekly emails helped me heal my diastasis recti. As a former personal trainer, I was impressed with the thoughtful, progressive design of the strength training workouts. Best of all, the workouts were short enough to squeeze into a packed day of mothering, and I always felt like I moved my entire body in a variety of ways, which was so appreciated after spending so much time in similar positions (nursing!) all day. I highly recommend this program to any new mom - whether or not you were an avid exerciser before baby!

Jamie W, first-time mom to 6 month old

I purchased the postpartum training program after I had my daughter, and I’ve never felt stronger! I really appreciate the methodical approach to the training – how it takes you through a full recovery program, then helps you build strength and get back to higher intensity work. In a world that focuses so much on “bouncing back,” I have loved how this program has helped me become the strongest, healthiest version of myself.”

Erica Ballard, first-time mom

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