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Postpartum Program Details

This 16-week program utilizes our Postpartum Performance Training Approach to help you recover from childbirth, rebuild your core, and get back to doing everything you love (and perhaps more).  You can begin any time after you receive exercise clearance from your doctor post-birth (even years later). You have access to this program for life, so go at the pace that works for you. Discover everything it includes below.

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Weekly Workouts, Via Digital App

Receive 3 total body workouts per week (that can be done in 30-40 minutes). Our easy-to-use digital app guides you through your workouts step-by-step with video demonstrations of each movement (like this). Workouts are designed to help you first establish a solid foundation of proper alignment, core integrity, and movement mechanics, then safely and progressively build your strength to prepare you for higher intensity activities (and life with a heavier child).

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Core Recovery, 8-Week Program

During your first 8 weeks, you will also go through the PROnatal Core Recovery Program to help you rebuild your core from the inside out (and heal from diastasis recti). This includes a daily 5-8 minute core routine (that increases in challenge each day) and education on how to properly “activate” your core during exercise to get the greatest benefit.  After 8 weeks, you will no longer have the daily exercises, and your workouts will focus on progressively building your core strength.

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Education, Understand the "Why"

Our goal is to help you better understand your body, and the rationale behind your workouts so you are empowered to exercise on your own after completing this program with the confidence of knowing how to do so safely and effectively. Many of the principles you will learn in this program will not only impact your recovery, but all your fitness activities and goals thereafter.


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Nutrition, Maximize Your Postpartum Diet

As part of the weekly bonus education, you receive nutrition tips from Registered Dietitian and PROnatal Advisory Board Member Madison Milmeister, MS, RD — including nutrients and food sources to support healing, guidance on safe and effective weight loss, nutritional approaches to optimize breast milk, and tips to reduce postpartum constipation and bloating.

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Weekly Tips, and Bonus Resources

In addition to the nutrition information, throughout your program we will send you additional tips and resources to support your postpartum recovery and overall physical and mental health. You also have the option of booking private video sessions with one of our expert PROnatal trainers for additional support.

Minimal Equipment Needed

Our workouts utilize these resistance bands and door anchor. Other than that, we’ll use traditional household objects (and depending on your floor, you may want a mat or towel). If you will be doing these workouts at your gym, you can substitute weights for some exercises if you wish. You will still need the resistance bands for some exercises, but you will not need the door anchor.

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