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Core-Recovery Program Details

This 8-week program is designed to help you rebuild your core from the inside out. Ideal for postpartum recovery (vaginal or C-section delivery) and Diastasis Recti healing. It consists of lifestyle modifications, daily core exercises, and important education to help you create sustainable changes that last. Safe to begin immediately after delivery, or several years later. Get program details below.

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Understanding Your Core, Checking for Issues

Begin by learning about your core and what happens during pregnancy, especially as it relates to Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation) and Pelvic Floor DysfunctionWe’ll discuss these two conditions — breaking down the facts and dispelling the myths — and teach you how to how to perform a proper self-assessment so you have a clear picture of your starting point.

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Daily Core Exercises, Strengthen Your Deep Core

Each day, you receive a 5-8 minute core exercise routine via our easy-to-use digital app to be performed (ideally) two times per day.  These exercises target your deepest core muscles — to strengthen your core from the inside out — and gradually increase in difficulty as the program progresses. You will also learn how to properly activate your core muscles during movement to maximize the benefit of each movement and develop core strength that lasts.

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Movement Adjustments, Expedite Your Healing

The “exercise” component of this program is at most 10-15 minutes per day.  How you move during the other 16 waking hours of the day (or for new moms 22 waking hours) can make a BIG difference in your recovery.  We’ll show you how to make simple adjustments to the way you perform your daily activities to expedite your healing and set the foundation for a lifetime of better movement.

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Bonus Education, Weekly Tips

Each week, we’ll send you an easy-to-apply tip to help you maximize your success. Get nutrition tips to reduce constipation and bloating, discover the (surprising) activities and behaviors to avoid that could slow your recovery, learn the keys to safely progressing after completing this program, and more.


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