On-Going Support

Continue to Build Your Expertise After Completing Our Education

Our goal is to help you consistently grow your expertise as a pre and postnatal expert.  Therefore, we provide the following on-going resources and support once you become a Pre/Postnatal Performance Training Specialist. If you take our Online Training, you receive access to this support immediately after passing the exam.  If you take our Live Training (Level 1), you must complete the Level 2 training afterward to receive this support.

Access to Private Facebook Group

You’ll receive access to a private support network where we post exclusive content, answer your questions directly, and encourage you to share your ideas and ask questions to other members.  It’s a great way to get quick responses from several viewpoints to any issues you’re struggling with.

Annual "Ask the Expert" Consultation

Each year, you’ll receive a complimentary phone consultation (and up to 2 email follow-ups) with our Director of Education, Carolyn Appel, to discuss a programming question, difficult client situation, or any other matter of your choice.

Exclusive Quarterly Webinars

Continue your education with exclusive new content not covered in our courses. Topics are voted on in our Facebook group and webinars are posted in a private Google Drive for you to view on your own time.

Pre/Postnatal Resources Guide

You’ll receive access to an evolving list of the “top thinkers” in pre/postnatal wellness – including links to websites, podcasts, books, and more.

Additional Benefits Offered

On-Going Support isn’t the only benefit we offer after you complete our education.  Learn more about the Marketing Promotion we also offer with successful Level 2 completion.

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