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PROnatal Professional Network

Coaching & resources to help you grow your pre/postnatal expertise, and your business

Our goal is to help you achieve your personal best when it comes to building the pre & postnatal business you desire – whether that means focusing exclusively on this population, or simply growing your pre & postnatal clientele. That is why we offer the PROnatal Professional Network. This annual membership is open exclusively to Pre/Postnatal Performance Training Specialist Course enrollees and graduates – to provide you the coaching, resources, and network needed to help you thrive as a pre & postnatal coach.

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$150 per year. Turn off auto-renew or cancel anytime.

What Membership Includes

Discover all the benefits your annual membership provides. Watch this video, which takes you inside the membership portal to show you all the resources and benefits you have access to. You can also click on the individual icons below to see a video of that particular section.

Private Community

Receive direct support from PROnatal leadership and a passionate community of fellow professionals via our private Facebook group. Ask questions, share ideas, & work through challenges together.

Workout Builder

Get access to a video library of hundreds of exercises (more added each month), utilize pre-made workouts or create your own and send workouts to your clients. Watch a demo here.

Video Q&A Library

Access a library of video resources to help you address a variety of questions or challenges that may arise in working with pre or postnatal clients. New videos added each month. See how it works. 

Monthly Webinars

Tune into monthly webinars on a variety of topics (from different experts) to help you grow your expertise and your business. Topics are voted on by members and posted afterward in video library.

Feature & Promotion

Upon completing your course, take advantage of the complimentary opportunities to be featured on our website and in social media. See how we can promote you. 

Latest Course Access

The Specialist Course comes with a 1-year access. Course materials are updated every 1-2 years. PPN members will always have access to the latest course materials. View course content section.

Exclusive Discounts

Receive 15% off all PROnatal programs and courses, along with exclusive discounts and promotions on other products and services that we recommend.

Enroll Now

$150 per year. Turn off auto-renew or cancel anytime.


Once you pay for your membership, it is good for an entire year. We cannot offer partial refunds for cancelling part of the way through your membership.

However, if you do not want your membership to auto-renew, simply login to your membership account, select subscription, and adjust your preference to not auto renew. When you do this, you will get an email when your subscription expires asking if you want to renew. Your subscription will be put on hold until you choose to renew or cancel. We recommend this strategy vs. cancelling because it gives you the option to renew if you want. If you cancel, your subscription will automatically be canceled at the end of your membership term without the option to renew.

We recommend setting your subscription preference to not auto renew instead of cancelling. If you select to not auto-renew, then when your membership expires, you’ll receive an email asking if you want to renew. Your membership will be put on hold until you decide whether you want to renew or cancel. Therefore, this at least gives you the option to renew should you decide you want to do that.

You can also choose to cancel and you will maintain your benefits for the remainder of your term. When your 1-year term expires, your benefits will automatically be cancelled.

You can change your subscription preferences by logging into your membership account and selecting subscription.

You can use a payment plan to pay for your FIRST year of membership. After that, fees must be paid in full ($150 per year).