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ProNatal Certified Network

Coaching, resources, and marketing support to help you, and your business, GROW

When you enroll in the Pre/Postnatal Performance Training Specialist Course, you can maximize the value of your education by joining the ProNatal Certified Network. This annual membership gives you access to exclusive resources, coaching, and business support to help you thrive as a pre & postnatal coach. Discover everything that’s included with your PCN membership below.

$150 per year

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What Membership Includes

When you enroll in the ProNatal Certified Network, you will automatically receive all the benefits listed on the top row. The benefits on the bottom row require meeting the two additional criteria listed in the next section.

Featured Endorsement

The top organic search drivers to the ProNatal website are clients looking for a pre & postnatal personal trainer, and we drive 100% of that traffic to our ProNatal Certified Coach Directory. Let us help you get clients after completing your education with a full-page feature in our directory with all the real estate you need to market yourself and your own unique URL!

Marketing Support

Our goal is to be the #1 resource for clients looking for a highly-qualified pre & postnatal coach near them. Therefore, in addition to promoting our ProNatal Certified Coach Directory prominently throughout our website and marketing materials, we also offer social media marketing opportunities through collaborations, content sharing, and other promotions.

Industry Recognition

As a ProNatal Certified Coach, you will also receive this badge that you can place on your website and marketing materials to denote that you hold our highest distinction. ProNatal Fitness is rapidly growing in recognition in the fitness industry for its evidence-based, high-quality education and your badge serves as a clear symbol of your expertise as a pre & postnatal coach.

Workout Builder

Beyond the resources included in your course, receive access to our Video Exercise Library + Workout Builder. It includes hundreds of beneficial exercises, pre-made workouts, and helpful filtering criteria that makes it easy for you to create workouts for clients of all stages and fitness levels. Use the client management system to setup clients and send workouts to them.

Coaching & Community

Receive access to a private Facebook group with direct support from ProNatal leadership and the ability to connect with fellow ProNatal Certified Coaches. This is a great forum to ask questions, share ideas, get advice, receive exclusive content, stay updated on industry news, and network with a community of diverse professionals united by our passion to serve this population.

On-Going Education

Each month, we host a live virtual webinar to help you continue your learning beyond the course itself. We alternate between presenting on topics ourselves, inviting outside experts in, and hosting Q&As to help you address any questions or challenges you have. All webinars are recorded and uploaded to your PCN video library so you can watch any time.

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Membership renews annually at $150. Turn off auto-renew or cancel anytime.

PROnatal Certified Coach Criteria

To be featured on our Find a Coach Directory as a ProNatal Certified Coach, you must meet all criteria listed below.

This membership is $150 per year. It allows you to continue to benefit from the resources and support mentioned above, and helps us ensure that the professionals we endorse on our Find a Coach directory are committed to on-going education and development.

You must complete the Pre/Postnatal Performance Training Specialist Course and pass the final exam.

The final requirement is that you must hold at least ONE of the following:

  • Current Nationally-Accredited Personal Training Certification
  • Current Nationally-Accredited Comprehensive Pilates Certification
  • Current Registered Yoga Teacher Certification (minimum 200-hr)
  • An Undergraduate or Graduate degree in Exercise Science or a related discipline

You will be asked to show proof of any certifications you hold when submitting your materials for your Find a Coach profile page.

Don’t have one of these? You can still join the ProNatal Certified Network and benefit from ALL the other resources and support included in this membership.


You can still join the ProNatal Certified Network and benefit from ALL the other resources and support, including the private support community, exercise library + workout builder, exclusive monthly webinars, and access to our video resource library. The only benefits you would not be eligible for are the ProNatal Certified Coach title, badge, and endorsement on our website. However, if at any point you do receive one of these certifications, we are happy to give you the title and promotion then!

The only requirement is that you maintain your ProNatal Certified Network membership. This is important for us to ensure that our directory remains current, and includes professionals who are committed to on-going education and development in this space. We trust that you will keep your certification (and CPR, insurance) current.

We recommend setting your subscription preference to not auto renew instead of cancelling. If you select to not auto-renew, then when your membership expires, you’ll receive an email asking if you want to renew. Your membership will be put on hold until you decide whether you want to renew or cancel. Therefore, this at least gives you the option to renew should you decide you want to do that.

You can also choose to cancel, and you will maintain your benefits for the remainder of your term. When your 1-year term expires, your benefits will automatically be cancelled.

Once you pay for your membership, it is good for an entire year. We cannot offer partial refunds for cancelling part of the way through your membership.

However, if you do not want your membership to auto-renew, you can simply adjust your preference to not auto renew. When you do this, you will get an email when your subscription expires asking if you want to renew. Your subscription will be put on hold until you choose to renew or cancel.

You can use a payment plan to pay for your FIRST year of membership. After that, fees must be paid in full ($150 per year).

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$150 per year

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Membership renews annually at $150.
Turn off auto-renew or cancel anytime.