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Marketing Promotion

After completing our education, you have the opportunity to be featured as a PROnatal Certified Trainer.  See the promotional opportunities we provide you, and the prerequisites for becoming PROnatal Certified below.

Website Promotion

We’re working to build our website into a key resource for women seeking the best pre and postnatal experts.  Therefore, you’ll have the opportunity to be featured as a PROnatal Certified Trainer on our Find a Professional page with your full bio, website and social media links, contact info, additional specialties and more.  You’ll have your own URL that you can add to your website or resume.  If you have a business that focuses on pre and postnatal women, like Leslie Abraham, it can be an effective way to drive awareness and traffic to your site.

Email Marketing Feature

PROnatal Fitness has a database of thousands of women that we send a monthly newsletter to filled with tips and education to support them throughout pregnancy and into motherhood.  One of our most popular topics is our “Trainer Tips Series” series where we feature a PROnatal Certified Trainer with his or her tip (like this tip from Cari and Bailey Oschman). This is a great opportunity to help people learn more about you and your business, and build your credentials.

Social Media Stories

We love sharing your stories on social media — whether they are stories of you working with pre or postnatal clients, or perhaps going through your own personal journey (like PROnatal Certified Trainer Troy Brooks who coached his wife through a successful pregnancy after taking our training). We encourage our trainers to tag us and we will help amplify your content!

New Client Referrals

Our website is rapidly growing in traffic and becoming a key resource for women looking for quality pre and postnatal coaching.  Every day, we receive personal training inquiries from women across the country.  We always refer these clients to our Find a Professional page.  However, the more we get to know you (via your participation in the opportunities above, staying active in our Facebook group, etc), the more likely we are to refer clients directly to you.

Promotional Prerequisites

These benefits are included free of charge upon meeting the three criteria below:

(1) Hold a nationally accredited personal training certification
We require all those featured to have a Personal Training Certification from a nationally accredited institution (NASM, ACE, ACSM, etc).  Not sure if your certification meets this criteria? Email us at

(2) Have at least 2 years of experience as a CPT
You must be actively working for a minimum of 2 years as a Certified Personal Trainer. Note, you do NOT need 2 years of pre/postnatal experience.  Just 2 years as a personal trainer.

(3) Complete full education and pass exam
If you take our Online Training, you just need to pass the exam at the end of the course.  If you take our Live Training (Level 1 only), you must complete Level 2 and pass the exam to be eligible.

Don’t quite meet these criteria?  You can still take advantage of the on-going support that we provide all those who complete our full education.  In addition, we are happy to promote you in the future once you do meet these criteria.

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