Group Fitness Instructor Workshop

Most Pre/Postnatal Education programs are not designed for the specific needs of Group Fitness Instructors.  They’re often very in-depth, and focused on teaching you how to develop customized pre/postnatal programs.  While this is good information, it can be difficult to apply when you’re an instructor who teaches a specific class format, and has to manage a very large class, with maybe 1-2 pre/postnatal participants.  That’s why we created a workshop designed specifically for the needs of instructors.

From barre to boot camp, yoga to HIIT (and everything in between), this workshop arms you with the most critical things you need to know to provide pregnant and postpartum clients a safer and far more effective experience, without distributing your groove in class.  The concepts are simple, but powerful, and designed to be easily applied in a group fitness setting.  Get answers to all your burning “is it safe to…” questions, learn the biggest mistakes most instructors make, and come away with powerful tips that will benefit ALL your class participants.

All workshop attendees receive CEUs (ACE: 0.3, NASM: 0.3, AFAA: 3.0), a copy of the presentation, and the opportunity to be featured on our Find a Professional page as a Pre/Postnatal Educated instructor.

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Sunday, September 16
2:00 – 5:00pm
New York Sports Club
1601 Broadway
Crowne Plaza, 15th Fl
New York, NY 10019


Standard Registration: $85
TSI Instructor Registration: $75

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Workshop Details

Instructors who teach traditional, non-aquatic group fitness formats (boot camp, HIIT, cardio, strength & conditioning, Pilates, barre, yoga, spinning, kickboxing, etc), and who want to know how to better coach the pregnant and newly postpartum women who come to their classes.

This workshop is NOT for professionals seeking to work one-on-one with pregnant and postpartum clients, or who are interested in teaching a dedicated prenatal or postpartum class.  For these educational programs, please refer to our personal training workshop.

The content is simple, intuitive, and structured in a way that makes concepts easy to digest and apply in a group fitness setting. And don’t worry, all your burning “is it safe to ___” questions will be answered!  Topics include

  • Benefits of Exercise: Why she needs your class!
  • Pre-Class “Checklist” (the 30-60 sec spiel to cover with clients before class starts)
  • In-Class modifications and coaching tips structured in ABC format (to make them easier to remember!)
  • Signals to look for that could indicate potential injuries or complications
  • CEUs (ACE: 0.3, NASM: 0.3, AFAA: 3.0)
  • Printed and electronic tip sheet summarizing key info
  • Opportunity to be promoted on Find a Professional page as a Pre/Postnatal Educated Instructor.

This is a FANTASTIC workshop, and the first course I’ve seen specifically designed for GroupX instructors. Most pre/postnatal education offerings are aimed at Personal Trainers, or people who want much more in-depth information about programming for this population, and therefore it can be difficult for GroupX instructors to apply this level of detail in their classes. I love how this workshop arms instructors with exactly what they need to know (and nothing more) to create a FAR safer and more effective experience for their pre/postnatal participants. I know this translates into fewer cancelled and frozen memberships for us, and endorse this workshop wholeheartedly!

Steve Feinberg, Founder Speedball Fitness

I asked PROnatal to conduct a workshop for our instructors, and got above and beyond what I had expected! The presentation was so informative, but also very easy to understand and apply. I know the entire team felt they learned incredibly valuable information that they could immediately apply to help tailor our workouts for moms-to-be and new moms. Thank you PROnatal team!

Sadie Kurzban, Founder 305 Fitness

0.2 CECs


0.2 CEUs

AFAA Approved

2 CEUs