Group Fitness Workshop

This simple, but powerful, 2-hr workshop is designed to help studios dramatically improve client retention by arming instructors with the tools to provide their pregnant and postpartum clients a safer, and far more effective, workout. The content is simple, intuitive, and structured in a way that makes concepts easy to digest, remember, and apply in a group fitness setting. Instructors will appreciate how the simplest ideas can make the BIGGEST impact in client experience, and studio owners will appreciate how a modest investment in professional development can make an equally large impact in client retention!

At the end of the workshop, you’ll receive your Certificate of Completion and Continuing Education Credits (ACE: 0.2 CECs, NASM: 0.2 CEUs, AFAA: 2 CEUs), and the opportunity to become a PROnatal Certified Trainer, and benefit from our endorsement.

0.2 CECs


0.2 CEUs

AFAA Approved

2 CEUs

Instructors who teach traditional, non-aquatic group fitness formats (boot camp, HIIT, cardio, strength & conditioning, Pilates, yoga, spinning, kickboxing, etc), and who want to know how to better coach the pregnant and newly postpartum women who come to their classes.

This workshop is NOT for professionals seeking to work one-on-one with pregnant and postpartum clients, or who are interested in teaching a dedicated prenatal or postpartum class.  For these educational programs, please refer to our online course or personal training workshop.

The content covered in this abbreviated workshop is simple, intuitive, and structured in a way that makes concepts easy to digest, remember, and apply – even when teaching a class of 60 – 100 people! Topics covered include:

  • Benefits of Exercise: Why she needs your class!
  • Pre-Class “Checklist” (what to cover with a pregnant/postpartum woman BEFORE class begins)
  • The most important tips for better coaching, cueing, and modifying during class
  • Signals to look for that could indicate potential injuries or complications
  • CEUs (ACE: 0.2, NASM: 0.2, AFAA: 2)
  • Printed and electronic tip sheet summarizing key info
  • Opportunity to be promoted on website as a “recommended instructor” who has knowledge of how to adapt workouts for this population

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Want to organize a dedicated workshop at your gym or studio? We’ll work with you to schedule a dedicated workshop with your staff.  Contact us for further details.

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