Studio-Specific Training

Pre/Postnatal Training Customized for Your Studio

About 85% of women will have a baby at some point, and for many studios, this unfortunately means cancelled memberships (sometimes even permanently).  We’re here to help you change that. By educating your staff on how to properly coach and modify movements for your pre/postnatal clientele, we can help keep women moving with you far longer into their pregnancies, and returning much faster afterward. It’s not just beneficial for business. It’s (incredibly) beneficial for the health of your clients.

How it Works

We offer a streamlined 3-hr workshop that teaches your instructors how to more effectively coach, cue, or modify movements for the pre/postnatal clients who attend your classes.  The content is customized for your studio’s format(s), and structured in a way that makes concepts easy to digest, remember, and apply — even in a packed class with tons of other things to manage.  Instructors will appreciate how the simplest ideas can make the BIGGEST impact in client experience (not just for pregnant clients, but ALL participants), and studio owners will appreciate how a modest investment in professional development can make an equally large impact in client retention.

What Participants Receive

Certificate of Completion
CEUs: (ACE: 0.3, NASM: 0.3, AFAA: 3.0)
Electronic Copy of Presentation
On-Going Resources & Support

Interested in Learning More?

Contact us to inquire about rates and availability.  We offer different ways of working with studios on instructor education and are happy to work with you to find a solution that best meets your needs!

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