Become a PROnatal Certified Trainer

PROnatal Certified Trainers are those professionals who have successfully completed either our online course, or one of our workshops, and who we feel confident in endorsing and promoting on our website. In the upcoming months, we will be listing these trainers (along with their photo, bio, website and social media links) on our Personal Training page. In addition to promotion on our website, these professionals receive a host of other education and networking benefits listed below. Read on for more details about the benefits of, and process for, becoming a PROnatal Certified Trainer.

  1. Receive promotion on our website, including bio, photo, links to your website and social media pages
  2. Benefit from our strong organic search results and our paid search efforts
  3. Get access to exclusive monthly educational webinars (covering fitness education, specific pre/postnatal topics, marketing and business building tips, and more)
  4. Gain access to our PROnatal Certified Professional private Facebook group to network and learn from others
  5. Receive exclusive discounts on future PROnatal educational programs
  1. Successfully complete our Online Course or a Personal Training Workshop
  2. Upon completion, you will be given instructions for one final step to confirm your acceptance.  Online course participants will have a brief video conference interview. Workshop participants will take a brief online quiz.
  3. You’ll receive notification of your acceptance within a few business days.  Those who may not be accepted immediately can re-apply at any point in the future (always free of charge).  We will always provide rationale for our decisions, so regardless you should look at this as a valuable (and free) learning process!
  4. Submit required information (photo, bio, links, etc) and go live on our site, and gain access to our network!
  1. There is NO FEE to apply (online course video interview and workshop quiz are free of charge)
  2. Upon approval, your first 3 months are FREE
  3. If you wish to continue after this, it is $15 per month. You may cancel at any point.

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