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If you entered the health and wellness field to make a positive impact on people’s lives, nowhere is that opportunity greater than with the pre and postnatal population. Each year, millions of women enter the “ultimate athletic event” of pregnancy – often unaware of the physical challenges that lay ahead. Conventional guidance tells them to “take it easy,” but this advice — intended to help prevent injury — actually does more to cause it because it leaves women unprepared to manage the stresses and demands placed on their bodies. You have the power to change this paradigm by becoming a Pre/Postnatal Performance Training Specialist. Register for a live training, and start making a substantial impact on your business, and on the lives of so many women.

About the Workshop

In this interactive 9-hour workshop, you’ll discover the latest research and learn how to utilize the unique PROnatal Performance Training Approach to design prenatal and postpartum programs that will help your clients successfully conquer each and every challenge along their motherhood journey, and emerge stronger than ever. All attendees receive an electronic copy of the presentation, Specialty Certificate, and CEUs (ACE 0.8, NASM 0.8, AAFA 8.0).

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July 20-21

New York City

Equinox Trainers Only
Specific Club TBD
1:00 – 5:30pm each day
Register via Equinox



Sep 8

New York City

Crunch Fitness
1109 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10022
8:30am – 5:30pm

Registration: $275


Sep 22

San Francisco

Crunch Fitness
71 New Montgomery St.
San Francisco, CA 94105
8:30am – 5:30pm

Registration: $275


(Optional) Post-Workshop Package

We also offer the opportunity for workshop attendees to purchase many of the added resources that come with our online course.  The day after the workshop, attendees will be offered the option of purchasing a Post-Workshop Package for $125 which includes the following:

Additional Resources
Video Exercise Library
Programming Templates
12 Sample Workouts
Movement Assessment Checklists
Client In-Take Forms
Physician Consent Template
ACOG Guidelines and Key Opinion Papers

Marketing Promotion
Earn featured promotion (on our website and in marketing efforts) as a PROnatal Certified Trainer.  This does require passing an online exam (included in the post-workshop package), holding a nationally accredited fitness certification, and having at least 2 years experience in the fitness industry.  Learn More about our Marketing Promotion

On-Going Support
Finally, this package also includes on-going support, such as access to a private support network, 1-on-1 consultations, exclusive webinar content, and more.  Learn More about our On-Going Support

If you’re not interested in the marketing opportunities (or don’t quite meet our website feature requirements), you can still purchase the package and take advantage of all the other opportunities!  There is no need to purchase the package prior to the workshop.  You will be sent the info on this after you attend.

I have been in the fitness industry for over a decade, and have taken many other pre/postnatal certification courses, and the PROnatal workshop is above and beyond the rest! It perfectly blends scientific expertise with effective practical work. I also loved that the instructors are mothers, who combine their fitness expertise with firsthand experience. I learned so much, and would happily recommend this course to anyone eager to work with the pre/postnatal population. A+

Stacey Menchel, Personal Trainer and Fitness Consultant, C- Section Solutions/JCC Manhattan

I am a personal trainer, but also 8 months pregnant with my first, and I am so thankful that I took this workshop toward the beginning of my pregnancy. Following the PROnatal Performance Training protocol, I am happy to say that my body is strong, well aligned, and free from pain -- despite having scoliosis. This is by far the best prenatal fitness certification I’ve taken. The instructors are truly experts and pioneers in this field. It's definitely a MUST for any professional who wants to work with pregnant or postpartum clients!

Allison Hassan, Personal Trainer Equinox, First time expecting mom

I can't believe how this 9-hour workshop never got boring! We were constantly learning and practicing concepts. The information on 360 breathing, functional training for motherhood activities, how to formulate a proper program, and how to change the cultural narrative on conventional views of pregnancy is so important. As a woman, I appreciate this very much. As a trainer, I am so excited to put my certification to good use and take my clients (even the non-pregnant ones) to the next level. Thank you PROnatal Fitness!

Lisa Ulley, Transform Fitness Head Trainer

Continuing education is an imperative component to growth in our industry. When it comes to pre/postnatal exercise, just reading a book is not enough to truly set coaches up for success. I loved the practical component of this workshop, and appreciated getting so much hands-on experience and practice with the concepts presented. Thank you so much PROnatal for equipping us with the tools necessary to help women dominate life during and after their pregnancies!

Troy Brooks, Personal Trainer and owner of TB Elite Fitness

Interested in Hosting a Workshop?

We travel to gyms and studios across the country to conduct workshops (and host facilities receive discounted registration for their staff). Most often, it starts with one interested person simply reaching out. Contact Us to start the conversation.

Workshop FAQs

There are no prerequisites! Anyone interested in a highly comprehensive, and updated approach to pre and postnatal education will benefit form the information. You do not need a fitness certification.

However, you DO need a nationally accredited fitness certification, and at least 2 years working experience, if you wish to be listed on our website as a PROnatal Certified Trainer.  You should also have a Personal Training Certification to work 1-on-1 with clients.

There is no exam required to receive your Certificate and CEUs.  There is, however, an exam required to be featured on our website as a PROnatal Certified Trainer and take part in all the Marketing Opportunities we offer.  The Marketing Opportunities and On-Going Support are sold separately after the workshop as part of the Post-Workshop Package described above.  This is all completely optional though.  You will get your certificate and CEUs just by attending.

Both our Live Training and Online Training teach our Performance Training Approach, so either education will provide you the tools to design effective pre and postnatal performance-based programs.  The online course offers the benefit of the most in-depth information and the ability to take from anywhere, at your own pace. The live training offers the benefit of discussion, hands-on-practice, and Q&A.  Below are some of the specific differences between the two:


The online course includes the following topics not covered in the live training: Pregnancy Weight Gain & Nutrition, Psychological Changes & Effective Coaching, and New Client In-Take Questions.  It also goes into more detail than the workshop on some topics, hence the reason the CEUs are higher for the online course. However, the most critical content components are included in both.

Resources and Additional Benefits

The online course includes several additional resources (Video Exercise Library, Sample Workouts, New Client In-Take Forms, Movement Assessment Checklist, Handouts and Templates, etc).  It also includes the benefit of Marketing Promotion and On-Going Support upon completion. However, if you take the Live Training, ALL of these items can be purchased separately as part of the Post-Workshop Package for $125.

Interested in doing both Live and Online Training?  We offer $150 off if you purchase both. Contact us at for details.

We are happy to answer any questions you have!  Email us at or give us a call at 516-778-9468.

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