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Mini Courses

Build Your Coaching Expertise With Topic-Specific Courses

We offer mini courses on various topics to help you improve your pre & postnatal coaching expertise. There are no pre-requisites to taking these courses. Most of the concepts taught in these courses can be applied to all clients, not just your pre & postnatal ones.

Our Mini Courses

Group Instructor Course

Learn how to easily and confidently coach the pre & postnatal participants who attend your group fitness classes

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Programming Course

Learn how to design cohesive personal training programs that can help ALL your clients better achieve their goals

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Virtual Training Course

Learn evidence-based strategies to improve your verbal communication skills and excel in a virtual training setting

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Become a Specialist

You do not need to have any previous pre or postnatal education to take the courses above. If you are, however, interested in earning your pre & postnatal specialization, learn more about our signature course to become a Pre/Postnatal Performance Training Specialist and all the benefits it offers.

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