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Sally Salama

ProNatal Certified Coach

Sally Salama

ProNatal Certified Coach

A seasoned fitness professional with over 12 years of experience within the fitness industry. Kicking off her fitness career back in 2008 through her very own fitness facility dedicated to women, fell in love with Pilates and Zumba where she pursued teaching which ended up being a life changing experience.Now she is licensed and certified in multiple formats and creating a positive impact on hundreds of women through her classes everyday.Sally is a former professional gymnast who grew into a fitness enthusiast and advocate. Licensed to teach Zumba®, STRONG by Zumba®, bootybarre®, Pop Pilates® and most recently certified PRONatal Performance Training Specialist.Sally is a striving Fitpreneur who believes in people and their willpower.


6 October City


Soar Boutique Studio

Villa 16

Touristic Village, District 1

6 October City, Egypt

Al Jizah


  • Barre
  • Certified Health Coach
  • Certified Pilates Instructor