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Neva Barra

ProNatal Certified Coach

Neva Barra

ProNatal Certified Coach

Neva believes the fitness industry focuses too much on what you lose in the gym (pounds, inches, pants sizes) and not enough on what you gain (confidence, strength, courage, fulfillment, self-esteem.) She specializes in strength training and loves helping clients feel comfortable in the gym through perfecting form and instilling consistency in their fitness routines.  Neva became a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and group fitness instructor in 2018 and has experience working with all types of clients from novice to athlete to senior populations. She is passionate about helping women feel confident in and out of the gym during all stages of their lives, especially during the transition into motherhood. Women’s bodies are incredible and should be celebrated! Realistic fitness is a key piece of Neva’s training. She wants you to be able to perform the everyday tasks and activities that you love pain free. Whether you are looking for a place to start or need a hype woman to keep you accountable in the gym, Neva can help you reach your goals.




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  • Certified Personal Trainer