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Leigha Verbeem

Leigha Verbeem is a highly skilled and passionate professional in the fields of kinesiology, personal training, nutrition coaching, stretch therapy, and lymphatic manual therapy. Her journey commenced with a 2-year diploma in fitness and health, which served as a springboard for her academic pursuits. Leigha went on to earn a 4-year degree in kinesiology and acquire various certifications, becoming a registered kinesiologist, certified personal trainer, and a specialist in several modalities.Leigha’s career began as a stretch therapist and personal trainer, specializing in working with pre- and post-natal women. This period of her professional journey allowed her to hone her expertise and develop a profound understanding of women’s health. Today, she serves as a virtual personal trainer and kinesiologist, where her primary focus is on empowering women to take control of their health and well-being. She excels in helping clients cultivate healthy relationships with nutrition and their own bodies.One key aspect of Leigha’s holistic approach to well-being is her strong belief in the importance of stress management. She recognizes the critical role that managing stress plays in overall health and is dedicated to helping her clients incorporate effective stress management strategies into their lives.Leigha’s passion for stretch therapy and lymphatic manual therapy is rooted in her personal journey of proactive health management across life’s diverse stages. This dedication to women’s health has earned her recognition in notable publications such as Vitamin Shoppe, Bustle, Authority Magazine, and Copilot Fitness. Additionally, Leigha has shared her insights on various podcasts, solidifying her status as a trusted expert in her field.Beyond her professional achievements, Leigha Verbeem’s love for the great outdoors is a testament to her holistic approach to well-being, where movement, health, and nature harmoniously coexist. Her work continues to inspire and educate women, offering them the tools they need to lead healthier and more fulfilling lives, emphasizing the value of stretch therapy and lymphatic manual therapy in promoting wellness and vitality.


London, ON


  • Certified Health Coach
  • Certified Nutrition Coach
  • Certified Personal Trainer