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Erin Perullo

ProNatal Certified Coach

Erin Perullo

ProNatal Certified Coach

I am passionate about women’s health and well-being. I take a functional approach to empowering women to strength train for day-to-day living and beyond. During sessions, I help clients build body awareness so they can understand their body mechanics. I encourage my clients to express how their bodies are feeling and how to interpret feedback for injury prevention.

I believe health is more than just physical. I check in with multiple aspects of my clients’ life such as their relational, existential, mental, environmental, and emotional health. I support them through the changes they are capable of and encourage them to seek additional support if needed. I know life gets busy that is why I help my clients navigate daily challenges so they can stay the course in their health journey. With Precision Nutrition Coaching and over 2 years of personal experience in online female hormonal health programs as well as master classes, I have felt the impact of habit creation. This is why I encourage incremental habit and lifestyle change for sustainable results.

I tell my clients we are shooting for progress, not perfection.




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New York, New York



  • Animal Flow
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Precision Nutrition