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Casey Connolly

ProNatal Certified Coach

Casey Connolly

ProNatal Certified Coach

Casey is a native of Boston who recently moved to California.  She has been working in the health and fitness industry for over thirteen years.  Prior to her start in fitness, she had been living in New York, working in the performing arts,  As a dancer, Casey used Pilates as a form of cross-training to keep her body flexible and strong, especially during performances that kept her on the road when typical gym or studio settings were not an option. Following surgery on her knee, Pilates was part of her rehab. This inspired her to gain her certification as a Pilates instructor and personal trainer in order to help others care for their bodies, and find preventative measures to help avoid similar mistakes.

Casey has worked with a variety of styles of exercise and body types. From young athletes to seniors, healthy bodies, those recovering from injuries, as well as pre and postnatal clients.  She became a mom to two children and really got to see firsthand what it takes to properly work through a pregnancy, and what it takes to recover after.  Both cases of recovery were different and it has really shown me what it takes to help your body recover and thrive!

Whatever the body type, she is eager to work with you, as long as you come ready to work hard. Casey is NASM certified personal trainer, and has over 500 hour certification with Peak Pilates. She has a variety of other certifications: kettlebell, TRX, and myofascial technique, which add to her training.

Fitness continues to evolve and Casey keeps up to date through continuing education.  She is currently teaching Pilates with Equinox where she is a teacher trainer and working toward helping other people become instructors.

Pilates is such a connection of the mind and body.  It is true what Joseph Pilates said: “physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness”.  That ideal is what Casey tries to find for her clients in each session.


Orange County


Equinox, Newport Beach, CA

19540 Jamboree Road

Irvine, California



  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Kettlebell Weightlifting
  • Myofascial Technique
  • Pilates
  • TRX
  • ViPR