Course Details

See details below on topics covered in the course, resources included, and what you receive upon completion.  It’s important to note that many of the principles taught in this course are applicable to ALL populations — such as neutral alignment, better movement quality, functional strength training, programming variables, and especially the keys to building a strong and functional core.  We hope it influences your programming and coaching for all your clients from here on out.

Course Topics

Prenatal Exercise: Evolution and Benefits
Rationale for “Performance Training”
How the Body Changes During Pregnancy
The Demands of Childbirth and Motherhood
Prenatal Programming Framework
Prenatal Session Breakdown
Prenatal Client Assessment
Pregnancy Weight Gain and Nutrition
Initial Postpartum Recovery
Postpartum Programming Framework
Core Recovery Protocol
Postpartum Session Breakdown
Postpartum Client Assessment
Movements to Focus on vs. Avoid
Pains & Injuries: Prevention/Management
Psychological Changes & Coaching

What's Included in Course

13 Self-Paced Learning modules
Webinars and Downloadable Text
Self-Checks for each Module
Video Exercise Library
Programming Templates
12 Sample Workouts
Movement Assessment Checklist
Client In-Take Forms
Client Handouts
Physician Consent Template
ACOG Guidelines and Key Opinion Papers

What You Receive Upon Completion

Pre/Postnatal Performance Training Specialist Certificate

CEUs (ACE: 2.8, NASM 1.9, AFAA 15, CANFITPRO 4.0)

Marketing Promotion as a PROnatal Certified Trainer

On-Going Educational Support

Completion Requirements: Final Exam

Each module in the course contains a self-check to gauge your comprehension. These are NOT graded.  They are purely for your learning benefit. You can take them as many times as you wish.

At the end of the course, there is a 2-hour timed exam that you take at home on your computer/device (no testing center).  This is what is required to receive your Certificate and CEUs. There are 85 multiple choice and True/False questions. You must receive 85% (68 questions correct) to pass.

If you pass, you will be able to download your certificate immediately.  If you do not pass on the first try, don’t worry!  You can easily request an exam re-test for $35 by emailing

2.8 CECs

1.9 CEUs

15 CEUs



4.0 CEUs