Core Rehabilitation

We offer a one-on-one core rehabilitation service to correct diastasis recti, and/or rebuild weak core muscles.

The program consists of daily exercises, lifestyle modifications, and potentially the use of an abdominal splint. As you go through the program, you’ll gain a much deeper of how your core muscles work, and the keys to strengthening them most effectively.

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How it works

This program takes a personal training approach to correcting diastasis, and rebuilding weak core muscles.  Depending on the severity of your case, we may refer you to a qualified physical therapist for treatment instead. We offer FREE consultations at 127 W 79th St, where we will check you for diastasis, and discuss various options, and the best approach for you.

Our program is designed to give you the utmost flexibility.  We hold sessions at 127 W 79th St in Manhattan, and also offer an in-home option where your specialist will come directly to you. Typical session length is about 20-30 minutes. The average total program length is 8 weeks, but we give you the flexibility to do however many sessions you would like. You can even do just a few sessions to learn some of the key techniques to practice on your own.

Program Results

With diligence and commitment throughout the program, you can expect to:

  • Heal your diastasis
  • Feel much stronger in your core
  • Improve your posture
  • Reduce low back pain
  • Reduce pelvic pain or stress incontinence
  • Understand the keys to effective core strengthening and how to prevent issues in the future.

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