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Earn extra income by sharing our courses and programs with others

If you are a graduate of, or current enrollee in, our Pre/Postnatal Performance Training Specialist Course, you can apply to become a PROnatal Fitness Ambassador. As an ambassador, you earn 10% commission on all PROnatal courses and products that you refer to others. You also have the opportunity to earn a 15% discount on all PROnatal programs and courses for yourself. See below for more details and complete your application today.

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ambassador benefits

10% Commission on All Referrals
Earn commissions on all Professional Courses and Self-Guided Training Programs delivered via the PROnatal Fitness app. See FAQs at bottom of page for a full product listing.

15% Discount on PROnatal Products
As an ambassador, you receive 15% off all PROnatal courses and programs.

Social Promotion & Visibility
We love sharing and reposting content from our Ambassadors!  This can be a great way to gain increased visibility and build your credentials as a pre & postnatal expert.

Resources to help you Maximize Your Revenue
We arm you with the tools and resources you need to be successful, including detailed overviews of products available, tips and ideas to maximize referrals, best practice examples, and even a free E-Guide on how to build your business as an affiliate marketer.

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What We Look For

We can only accept a limited number of Ambassadors. Therefore, we look for the following criteria:

Specialist Course Experience
You must have completed, or be enrolled in, our Pre/Postnatal Performance Training Specialist Course. It is important to us that the people who endorse our products have experience with our core offering, and believe in it.

Alignment With Company Values
Because we are looking for Brand Ambassadors, we are looking for individuals who share our company values – a desire to educate and empower, a belief in inclusivity and respect for all, and a sincere passion for supporting the pre & postnatal population.

Strong Potential for Referrals
We look for those who we feel have a strong potential for referrals, whether through an engaged social following that aligns with the PROnatal customer base, or a strong network of friends, family, and colleagues.

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Once approved, you must receive at least 4 successful referrals per year to maintain your status as an Ambassador.


You earn 10% commission on all PROnatal courses and self-guided programs. Our current courses are below with retail prices listed. Note, our last two mini courses apply to ALL client populations, so you can refer them to professionals who do not even focus on pre & postnatal. 

Our self-guided training programs take pregnant and postpartum individuals through an entire performance training program via the PROnatal Fitness App. There are 5 programs in total. Retail prices shown below.

Once approved, you will be given access to an ambassador portal. Here you can create your own customized links for any page on our website.

When someone lands on our website via your affiliate link, a cookie is stored on the user’s computer so that we know this is an affiliated user — even if that person does not make a purchase right away. This cookie will track any purchase made, even if the product the visitor purchases is on a different page than the one you send them to. For example, you may decide to send people to a blog post with your affiliate link. If a visitor ends up purchasing a product after reading the blog post you directed them to, you will still get credit.

Cookies are stored for 30 days, so if the visitor makes a purchase any time within that timeframe, you will get credit. After 30 days, the visitor will no longer be associated with your affiliate link.

When you become an Ambassador, you will be given access to a portal where you can track your links clicked, successful referrals, and commission earned.

Your affiliate account needs to be connected to your a PayPal account. If you don’t have a PayPal account, it’s free to setup.

Once you reach $30 in earnings, you are eligible to be paid. There may be up to a 2-week delay in payment because our self-guided training programs have a 14-day return policy, so if you made any referrals for these products, we need to wait the 14 days and then can send your payment.

You then receive subsequent payments every time you reach that $30 benchmark (still accounting for the 14-day hold for the refund window).

Once you are approved as a PROnatal Fitness Ambassador, you just need to have at least 4 successful referrals each year to maintain you ambassador status.

As an ambassador, you automatically earn 15% off any product, service, or course that PROnatal Fitness offers. You can redeem this discount on as many items as you like, as long as you remain an ambassador in good standing (hitting 4 successful referrals per year).

To redeem your discount, just email ambassadors@pronatalfitness.com to request a discount code for the product of your choice.

NOTE: You cannot earn affiliate commissions on products purchased for yourself.

We are always here to help! Just reach out to us at ambassadors@pronatalfitness.com

First, we make promoting our products easy with images and promotional materials (all available in your dashboard).

Second, we provide tips and resources on how to maximize revenue, and build your business as an affiliate marketer, even beyond your work with us. This includes tips on the various ways you can generate referrals, as well as a comprehensive Affiliate Marketing E-Guide that introduces you to the world of affiliate marketing and teaches you best practices to be successful.

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Interested? Click below to access the application form. Once you apply, you will hear from us within 1 week. If you have any questions at all, please reach out to us at ambassadors@pronatalfitness.com

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