Our Success Stories

As an endurance athlete, and a first-time mom-to-be, I searched high and low for a prenatal fitness class that I felt would help prepare me for my biggest endurance event yet – labor! I discovered the PROnatal Fitness classes early in my pregnancy and attended up to the very end. After I gave birth to my son, the doctor told me how impressed he was with my strength, and how he wished he saw more women like me!

Maggie Paulus, first time mom

I took my first PROnatal Fitness class when I was around 18 weeks pregnant, and thought I would maybe do a few more classes. However, I felt so great after each workout that I’ve ended up continuing throughout my pregnancy! I love how the class focuses on exercises we SHOULD be doing during pregnancy to prepare our bodies (and even help our babies!), as opposed to just what we should avoid. It has been so great to attend this class knowing I am doing something healthy for both me and my baby!

Amanda Monaghan, first time expecting mom

PROnatal Fitness has become my go-to exercise class during my pregnancy. I dropped in for the first time around 12 weeks to check it out, and have been hooked ever since.  The classes are fun and challenging, but appropriate (I break a sweat, but it feels good!). Unlike other workouts, I don’t have to constantly modify or skip exercises to stay safe. Instead, I can relax and enjoy the workout – knowing I’m doing the best things to prepare my body for pregnancy, labor and recovery!

Ada G., first time expecting mom

The PROnatal Fitness class has made such a positive impact on my overall fitness and wellbeing.  It is the best class I have found that is tailored to the needs of a new mom’s body. The instructors are so knowledgeable and always in-tune with each mom in the class — coaching individual technique and motivating everyone. The classes run extremely smoothly and cover a great balance of cardio, strength and core training. It’s fun for the babies too; my daughter loves it! This class is definitely a highlight of the week for both of us!

Suzanne Riley, mom of a 1 year old

While I’ve always enjoyed exercise, I noticed after my first child, that most fitness instructors don’t know enough about the female body during and after pregnancy. That is not the case here. The instructors are so knowledgeable – helping us learn more about our bodies, correcting our form, offering modifications, and (safely) pushing us when we’re ready. I always feel strong and energized after class, and as a bonus, I’ve made some wonderful new friends!

Elizabeth S., mom of a 10 month old and 3 year old.

After a difficult delivery that ended in a C-section, and a very tough recovery, I was skeptical about my ability to exercise and ever get back into shape. Attending the PROnatal Stroller Workout was the best decision I could have made. The warmth and encouragement of the instructors was exactly what I needed to rebuild my self-confidence. I learned so much about my body, and noticed a huge difference in my strength, endurance, shape, and even my mindset. It’s no longer just a class I attend; it’s an important part of my lifestyle.

Stefanie Peters, mom of a 2 month old

After a rocky postpartum climb to health, and months of unsuccessful physical therapy, the PROnatal workouts have been the answer to my full recovery! The instructor helped me to strengthen my abs, realign my hips and rebuild a strong frame. I now no longer suffer from sacroiliac joint problems or lower back dysplasia, my physique is back, and I feel so much stronger!

Vanessa Elese, mom to a 2-year old and 3 month old

After working with other trainers in the past, it’s so refreshing to work with someone who is not just a great fitness trainer, but who I learn so much from at every session. She truly understands women’s bodies. I started working with her after the birth of my son, and I already feel stronger and healthier now than I did before pregnancy! I also feel confident about how to safely and effectively exercise during my next pregnancy. Best trainer I have EVER worked with!

Jamie M, first-time mom

I had a tough delivery due to my baby’s larger size, but I was able to push through successfully (literally) with no epidural! I am fully convinced that the training I received from PROnatal Fitness played a big role in helping me through this.  I’m sure things would have been different had I not been as physically prepared!

R.V, Mom to a 3 year-old and newborn.

I have been committed to working out throughout my life – regularly taking ballet, barre, and spin classes – but since working with my trainer during my pregnancy and postpartum recovery for baby #2, I can honestly say that my stomach and posture have never looked this good – even after 2 kids!

Randi Seigel, mom to a 2 year old and 5 month old

The prenatal workouts my trainer created for me are the reason that I have enjoyed a very rapid recovery after giving birth. I am amazed at how quickly I am returning to my prior weight and fitness level, particularly since I had an unplanned C section. At three weeks postpartum, I am closing in on my pre-pregnancy weight, most of my pre-pregnancy clothes fit, and—most importantly—I feel healthy and happy and have lots of energy for taking care of my new daughter. PROnatal Fitness is one of the best investments I have made in my health.

Naomi R, first-time mom

I started working with my trainer postpartum, and felt like a huge mess with a large abdominal separation (diastasis recti) to heal. My trainer was amazing though — always professional, flexible, focused, and creative with our workouts. Additionally, she went above and beyond — giving my baby a bottle while counting reps, and helping my 5-year-old do some routines with us. I feel strong again and my diastasis recti is virtually gone. My abs now feel like my strongest part of my body! I’m back at the gym lifting weights and doing all the things I used to love to do!

Jenny W – mom to newborn and 5 year old