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The FIRST Move to Teach Your Clients

What if we told you there was one move that can strengthen your core, mitigate aches and pains, improve your posture, give you a flatter tummy, reduce stress, and even improve your overall health, and — if you’re pregnant — the health of your growing baby? Guess what. There is. We call it the #1 most effective core exercise and it should be the FIRST move you teach any client, especially a pregnant or postpartum one.

Watch the video below to learn why proper core training is so important during and after pregnancy, and master the #1 most effective core exercise of all: 360˚ Breathing. Yes, it all comes down to the way you breathe. This goes for every single client you work with – not just your pre and postnatal ones. Learn why…

Recap: Key Takeaways

Below is a slightly more “accurate” picture of the Core Canister than the pineapple jar used to illustrate in the video.

Remember that 360° Breathing is what activates these Core Canister muscles and gets them to work together in harmony as a pump to help you…

  • Dynamically maintain intra-abdominal pressure (mitigating risk of Diastasis Recti and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction)
  • Reduce low back and other orthopedic pain
  • Create a stronger core (and flatter tummy when not pregnant)
  • Improve posture
  • Improve immunity and digestion
  • Increase energy and ability to focus
  • Improve overall health
  • Improve the fetal growth environment
  • Facilitate easier pushing during childbirth

360° Breathing Keys to Success

To recap, here are the steps to take with your clients to teach them 360° Breathing and ingrain it as a habit:

  1. Teach 360° Breathing: Begin sitting tall. Inhale through the nose and the rib cage expands in all directions (front, side, and back). Exhale through the mouth and navel draws in as a result.
  2. Practice at the beginning of each session: Until 360° Breathing becomes automatic, practice this at the beginning of every session so your client remember it throughout the workout. You can also incorporate it into breaks.
  3. Cue when to breathe on EVERY movement: Until it becomes automatic, cue when to inhale and when to exhale on every single movement (with a focus on exhaling on the effort). It may seem redundant to you, but it’s critical to ingrain the behavior.
  4. Match tension to task.  Remember in your cueing, the greater the intensity of the movement, the stronger the exhale should be.
  5. Encourage daily home practice: Encourage your clients to practice in the shower, waiting in line, watching TV, and especially lying in bed at night before sleep.

Interested in learning more?

Teaching your clients 360° Breathing is just one of the very first steps in our Performance Training Approach. Learn more about our Pre/Postnatal Performance Training Specialist course.

Or, are you a Group Fitness Instructor thinking you can’t apply this tip because you’re not able to stop and teach your class how to breathe? Think again. There are simple (but powerful) cues you can use to get all your participants breathing better without needing to take any time out of your class to teach it. Learn more about this, and other simple tips for coaching pre and postnatal clients in a group fitness setting in our Mini Course: Pre/Postnatal Education for Group Fitness Instructors