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15 Minute Upper Body Workout

Upper Body strength training is so important during and after pregnancy, not just because we want our arms to look great while we can’t focus on 6-pack abs, but because of the upper body strength needed as a new mom.  Think of all the lifting, carrying, and rocking (sometimes for what seems like hours on end!) you will be doing — all while exhausted and recovering from labor.  And it doesn’t get easier.  What starts as an easy 6 – 8lb weight quickly becomes 25 – 30lbs by the time your little one is 2.

Start preparing now with this simple 15 minute upper body workout.  It will not only prepare you for the demands of motherhood, but also help improve your posture with exercises that help counteract the “hunched-shoulders” posture that nursing and baby-holding tend to promote.  Just be sure to read the tips below before starting.

Tips to Get the Most from this Workout

  1. For all exercises, make sure your body is in neutral alignment.  Remember, this is key to reducing excess tension on your muscles, especially your core muscles.
  2. Make sure you are incorporating 360 Breathing throughout the entire workout as well.  ALWAYS remember to exhale on the effort.
  3. Choose your variation wisely.  We include 3 variations for each exercise to accommodate all stages and fitness levels.  It’s important to remember that some variations may not be appropriate for your body.  It’s up to you to choose the variation that’s right for you.  Remember, it is FAR more effective to do a more conservative version of a movement with proper form than a more challenging one with poor form.

What You’ll Need

  • Resistance Bands (we recommend a variety pack like this so you can change your resistance)
  • Chair
  • Mat (if you’re working out on hard surface)

Get started

Once you’ve read the tips and have your equipment, you’re ready to begin. Click the link below to get started.

Begin the Workout