The 30-Minute Stroller Workout!

Spring has arrived, and you are likely itching to spend more time outside! It’s also the season where getting in shape is often top of mind. Of course, actually finding time to fit in a workout is often the greatest challenge — especially with a little one (or ones!) to take care of. For some fun and highly beneficial multi-tasking, try this 30 minute stroller workout. You’ll burn calories and strengthen your entire body — all while getting some fresh air and quality time with your baby! Now that’s a productive 30 minutes.

What you’ll need

  • Stroller
  • Park Bench
  • Towel
  • Resistance bands (These are a GREAT workout tool, as they’re cheap, take up virtually no space and allow you to easily customize your resistance level. You can still do most exercises in this routine without them though.)

Viewing and Printing the Workout

To make things easy, we’ve included exercise descriptions and videos below so you can see what each of the exercises looks like. Once you understand the exercises, you can print a copy of the workout to take with you to the park!

Download the Complete Workout
This 4-page document includes exercise descriptions and variation options.

Download the One-Page Summary
This 1-page document includes only exercise names and times.

Two Technique Pointers Before You Begin!

  1. Core engagement: We want to work your body’s “inner girdle” (AKA, your TVA, or largest and innermost abdominal muscle) throughout this entire workout (because that’s the muscle that pulls you in, and gives you the lean, flat waistline!). To do this, remember to keep your core engaged by drawing your navel back in toward your spine and closing your rib cage (as if tightening a girdle around you). If you need help, practice this belly breathing technique.
  2. Proper Breathing: In order to increase core activation and improve your stamina, it’s important to breath properly – exhaling on the effort! Pay close attention to our notes on the exercises on when to inhale and when to exhale. As you exhale, try to draw your navel into your spine even more.

The 30 Minute (Approx) Workout

Watch the videos to view the exercises. You can also print a copy of all the exercises with descriptions.

WARM-UP (4-5 min approx.)

  1. Brisk walk with arm circles: 1 min
  2. Straight-Backed Stroller Pushes: 5-10 reps
  3. Walking Lunges: 12-16 reps (6-8 reps each leg)
  4. Stepping side squats: 8-10 reps each leg
  5. Slow/Fast Drill: 2-minutes

CIRCUIT 1 – LOWER BODY & CORE (10 Minutes)
Perform each of the exercises below for 1 minute. Then repeat the entire circuit once more (resting 30-60 sec in between if you need it). When you’re not using the stroller for a drill, make sure it’s locked beside you.

  1. Plie Pulse & Roll
  2. Bench Step-Ups (1 min each leg, 2 min total)
  3. Plank with Knee Lifts
  4. Squat with Side Leg Lift

To get in a bit more cardio (and also give your baby some much-needed movement after sitting still in the stroller for a while!), try this fun cardio drill.

  1. Side gallops holding stroller: 20 facing right, 20 facing left
  2. Run or skip back to start
  3. Repeat for 3 minutes

Perform each exercise below for 45 seconds. Then repeat the entire series once more (resting 30-60 seconds in between if needed). Lock the stroller next to you so your baby can watch and be somewhat entertained!

  1. Bench Pushups
  2. Standing Narrow and Wide Rows
  3. Triceps Dips
  4. Side Planks (45 seconds each side, 1.5 min total)
  5. Plank with Crossover Toe Taps

STRETCH (4-5 min)
Hold each stretch for 20-30 seconds, or whatever feels good for your body, and breathe deeply.

  1. Bench Hang
  2. Hamstring Stretch
  3. Quadriceps Stretch
  4. Figure 4 Stretch
  5. Triceps & Shoulder Stretch
  6. Chest Stretch

That’s it! Just print the workout, put on those sneakers (and supportive bra!), grab your baby, stroller, towel, band, and water, and head to the park!