Pre/Postnatal Personal Trainer Certification

Learn how to train women for the “event of a lifetime”

About 86% of women will have a baby at some point.  While conventional wisdom says they should “take it easy” during pregnancy, this approach often does not prepare women to manage the stresses of pregnancy, demands of childbirth, and non-stop physical tasks of motherhood.  We view the pregnancy journey like the major athletic event that it is, and teach you how to utilize our unique Performance Training Approach to help your clients successfully conquer each and every challenge along their motherhood journey – and come out stronger than ever.

Join us for a live prenatal fitness certification workshop to discover the latest research, get plenty of hands-on practice, and come away with a clear, easy-to-apply framework for designing programs that will help your clients achieve their personal best during what is truly the event of a lifetime. All attendees receive their pre/postnatal specialty certificate, CEUs (ACE: 0.8, NASM: 0.8, AFAA: 8.0) plenty of take-home resources, and the chance to be featured on the PROnatal website.

See below for more details on the workshop and a full list of future cities and dates.  Don’t see a workshop in your area?  Check out our online course.

Feb 10

New York City

New York Sports Club
30 Broad Street
New York, NY 10005
8:30am – 5:30pm

Registration: $275
TSI Employees: $250


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Feb 22-23

Washington DC

Washington Sports Club
3100 14th St, N.W.
Washington DC 20010
1:00pm – 5:30pm each day

Registration: $275
TSI Employees: $250

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Mar 3

New Jersey

New York Sports Club
Mid State Mall
East Brunswick, NJ 08816
8:30am – 5:30pm

Registration: $275
TSI Employees: $250

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Workshop Details

This workshop is targeted to fitness professionals who want to become experts in working with the pre/postnatal population, and who are seeking a comprehensive, in-depth education.  It’s especially relevant for personal trainers, as it focuses a lot on optimal prenatal and postpartum program design, as well as proper client assessment strategies.

Group Fitness instructors can of course still benefit from this in-depth education.  However, if you are an instructor simply looking for how to better modify exercises and coach the pregnant or postpartum clients who attend your traditional classes (and not design a customized program), then our Group Fitness Workshop may be a better choice for you.

While you do not need a prior certification to take this course (anyone can benefit from these concepts!), you do need a national Personal Training or Group Fitness Certification in order to begin working with pregnant and postpartum clients.

  • Rationale and Benefits of Performance-Based Training
  • Physiological and biomechanical changes of pregnancy
  • Position and energy demands of childbirth
  • ADLs of motherhood
  • Prenatal and Postpartum Client Assessment
  • Prenatal and Postpartum Performance-Training Program Design
  • Managing common pains and injuries
  • Proper postpartum recovery strategies
  • Psychological changes and effective coaching


  • Pre/Postnatal Specialty Certificate
  • CEUs (ACE: 0.8, NASM, 0.8, AFAA 8)
  • Copy of Presentation
  • Optional post-workshop resource package ($99) consisting of several sample workouts, programming template, reference guides, templates and forms to use with clients
  • Opportunity to be featured on the PROnatal Fitness website.

Most pre/postnatal educational models adopt the strategy of minimizing risk so as not to overtax expectant moms.  While risk mitigation is critical, we view the pregnancy journey in an entirely different light – one that requires major preparation due to the extreme stress and physical demands of pregnancy, childbirth, and early motherhood activities. It’s not solely about minimizing risks, but also about maximizing performance, so your clients can focus much more on the thrill of their journey, and not the difficulty. This workshop arms you with the latest research and evidence-based strategies to truly stand out among your peers and help your clients achieve their personal best during, and after, pregnancy.

Beyond the comprehensive and progressive education, you’ll have the opportunity to receive added post-workshop resources, on-going support, and the chance to be featured on the PROnatal website.

We are constantly updating this schedule. Don’t see your city listed here?  Contact us to inquire about hosting a workshop at your facility.  Host studios receive discounted registration for all staff. We’d love to hear from you!

NOTE: All workshops are 9 hrs, and can be done all in one day, or broken into two days.

Latest 2019 Schedule

  • Feb 8th – 9th: Washington DC
  • Feb 10th: New York City
  • Mar 3rd: Central New Jersey
  • Mar 8th – 9th: Vancouver (Equinox trainers only)
  • Mar 24th: New York City
  • Apr 5th: Westchester
  • May 3rd – 4th: Southern Cali (Equinox trainers only)
  • May 17th – 18th: New York City (Equinox trainers only)
  • Jun 7th – 8th: Boston (Equinox trainers only)


Interested in being a host for one of our upcoming workshops, or in organizing a dedicated workshop for your staff?  We travel to gyms and studios across the country to conduct live trainings.  Discover the perks of hosting a workshop, and learn more about the seamless experience we create for you.

Contact Us to start the conversation. We’d love to work with you! Some of our current partners include…

I have been in the fitness industry for over a decade, and have taken many other pre/postnatal certification courses, and the PROnatal workshop is above and beyond the rest! It perfectly blends scientific expertise with effective practical work. I also loved that the instructors are mothers, who combine their fitness expertise with firsthand experience. I learned so much, and would happily recommend this course to anyone eager to work with the pre/postnatal population. A+

Stacey Menchel, Personal Trainer and Fitness Consultant, C- Section Solutions/JCC Manhattan

I am a personal trainer, but also 8 months pregnant with my first, and I am so thankful that I took this workshop toward the beginning of my pregnancy. Following the PROnatal Performance Training protocol, I am happy to say that my body is strong, well aligned, and free from pain -- despite having scoliosis. This is by far the best prenatal fitness certification I’ve taken, and I love the new research presented on the importance of strength training in preparing the body to better handle the stresses ahead. The instructors are truly experts and pioneers in this field. It's definitely a MUST for any professional who wants to work with pregnant or postpartum clients, and any woman planning to get pregnant!

Allison Hassan, Personal Trainer Equinox, First time expecting mom

Continuing education is an imperative component to growth in our industry. When it comes to pre/postnatal exercise, just reading a book is not enough to truly set coaches up for success. I loved the practical component of this workshop, and appreciated getting so much hands-on experience and practice with the concepts presented. Thank you so much PROnatal for equipping us with the tools necessary to help women dominate life during and after their pregnancies!

Troy Brooks, Personal Trainer and owner of TB Elite Fitness

I can't believe how this 9-hour workshop never got boring! We were constantly learning and practicing concepts. The information on 360 breathing, functional training for motherhood activities, how to formulate a proper program, and how to change the cultural narrative on conventional views of pregnancy is so important. As a woman, I appreciate this very much. As a trainer, I am so excited to put my certification to good use and take my clients (even the non-pregnant ones) to the next level. Thank you PROnatal Fitness!

Lisa Ulley, Transform Fitness Head Trainer

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