Become a PROnatal Certified Trainer

Join the elite group of fitness professionals who receive endorsement on our website, on-going education, and access to a private support network.  All participants who attend our Personal Trainer Workshop and pass a final exam are eligible to become part of this group.  PROnatal Certified Trainers receive promotion on the PROnatal Fitness website (like the example below), continuous education, and access to a private networking group for on-going support.

Visit our Find a Professional page to see our current group of PROnatal Certified Trainers, and sign up for one of our upcoming workshops to earn your spot in this dynamic, growing group of professionals.  Read on for more details on benefits, prerequisites, and program details.

  1. Receive promotion on our website, including bio, photo, links to your website and social media pages
  2. Benefit from our strong organic search results and our paid search efforts
  3. Get access to our monthly educational webinar series designed to help you truly build your pre/postnatal expertise, and stand out among your peers.
  4. Gain access to our PROnatal Certified Professional private Facebook group to network and learn from others
  5. Receive exclusive discounts on future PROnatal educational programs
  1. Must have nationally accredited Personal Training Certification, CPR/AED Certification, Liability insurance, and at least 2 years experience working as a Personal Trainer
  2. Attend our Personal Training Workshop (Training for Birth and Beyond).
  3. After completing the workshop, you’ll receive access to the PROnatal Certified Trainer Quiz.  This is an optional quiz, and is not necessary to receive your CEUs or certificate of completion (you’ll get these simply from attending the workshop), but the quiz is required to become a PROnatal Certified Trainer.
  4. After submitting your quiz, you will receive your results within 1-2 business days.  If you do not pass the first time, you can take it again with no penalty.
  5. Upon passing, we collect all necessary info from you to build your online profile.
  6. We send you your profile for approval.  Once you’re approved, you enroll in the program, go live on our website, and begin enjoying all the benefits of our Certification.
  1. Once you’re approved, your first month is FREE.
  2. After your first month, the cost is $15 per month to maintain the promotion on our website, receive the monthly webinars, and remain in the private networking group.
  3. You can cancel at any time.

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