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Become a Pre/Postnatal Performance Training Specialist

Welcome to our most comprehensive training — one that challenges conventional norms that pregnancy is a time to relax and “take it easy,” and instead encourages you to view the motherhood journey like the major athletic event that it is (physically and mentally).  Developed with the very latest research and a team of thought leaders in women’s healthcare, this self-paced online course teaches you how to utilize an evidence-based Performance Training Approach to design programs that will help your clients successfully manage the high-stress demands of pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood activities — and come out stronger than ever.  Learn more below, and register today to become a Pre/Postnatal Performance Training Specialist.

What’s Included

13 learning modules
Webinars for each module
Downloadable PDFs of each module
Self checks for each module
Programming Templates
12 sample workouts
Video exercise library
Movement assessment checklists
Client in-take forms
Client handouts
Physician Consent Template
ACOG Guidelines and Key Opinion Papers

What You’ll Earn Upon Completion

Pre/Postnatal Performance Training Specialist Certificate
CEUs (ACE: 2.8, NASM 1.9, AFAA 15, NSCA coming soon)
Feature promotion on our website as a PROnatal Certified Trainer
Exclusive on-going education and support

Learn More

Watch the video below to learn more about our approach, and read the Course Details below for more information on the course benefits, structure, completion process, and other frequently asked questions.

Course Price: $449

Payment Plan Available: 4 Monthly Payments of $118

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2.8 CECs

1.9 CEUs

15 CEUs

4.0 CECs

Online Course Details

Anyone interested in a highly comprehensive, and updated approach to pre and postnatal education.

You do not need a prior fitness certification to take this course.  Anyone can benefit from the information!  However, you do need a nationally recognized fitness certification, and at least 2 years working experience, if you wish to be listed on our website as a PROnatal Certified Trainer.

There are three key things that set the PROnatal Fitness pre/postnatal education apart from other courses:

  1. Our Performance Training Approach: We view the pregnancy journey like the major athletic event that it is, and believe in training for it in that manner.  Just as training for a marathon looks very different from training for a golf tournament or downhill skiing, we believe prenatal and postpartum training should also have a very specific protocol.  Like other performance events: the demands are specific. the training should be too.
  2. Our Detailed Programming Guidance: Learning new information is great, but often applying that information when developing actual client programs can be more challenging.  We make it easy for you with a very clear programming framework, detailed session planning guidance and templates, and even a specific Movement Assessment protocol.  The course includes all the templates you need making your programming work much easier!
  3. The Benefits After Passing: Beyond your specialty certificate and CEUs, we offer the benefit of being featured on the PROnatal website as a PROnatal Certified Trainer at no additional charge.  This is not just a listing, but a full feature with your photo, bio, links to website/social media, and more.  You’ll receive exclusive on-going education and support.

The course is divided into 13 modules that you can progress through at your own pace.  Each module contains a webinar, a detailed downloadable PDF with all the text, and a self-check to ensure you’re comprehending the most important concepts.  Module topics include:

  1. Benefits and Rationale for Performance Training Approach
  2. The Demands of Pregnancy (How the Body Changes)
  3. The Demands of Childbirth and Motherhood
  4. Prenatal Program Framework (macrocycle)
  5. Prenatal Client Assessment
  6. Managing Pregnancy Pains & Injuries
  7. Prenatal Programming Session Breakdown (microcycle)
  8. Pregnancy Weight Gain and Nutrition
  9. Pregnancy Psychological Changes and Effective Coaching
  10. Postpartum Recovery
  11. Postpartum Program Design
  12. Postpartum Client Assessment
  13. Postpartum Psychological Changes and Effective Coaching
  • Webinars of each module
  • Downloadable PDFs with all the detailed info for each module (including images and links to videos)
  • Self-Checks for each module to gauge your comprehension
  • Complete Video Exercise Library
  • 12 sample workouts
  • Programming Templates
  • Prenatal and Postpartum Client in-take forms
  • Movement Assessment Checklist
  • Physician Consent Template
  • Client Handouts
  • ACOG Guidelines and Key Opinion Papers

See the next question for what you will earn after successfully completing the course.


At the end of the course, there is a 2-hr exam that you take at home on your computer.  There are 80 multiple choice and true/false questions.  You must receive an 85% (68 questions correct) to pass.

You will see you exam score immediately after submitting your test.  If you pass, you will receive:

  • Pre/Postnatal Performance Training Specialist Certificate (available to download immediately)
  • CEUs: ACE (2.8), NASM (1.9), AFAA (15), NSCA coming soon. (You can petition for other agencies as well.)
  • Opportunity to be featured on our Find a Professional page as  PROnatal Certified Trainer (requires nationally recognized fitness certification and at least 2 years experience)
  • On-going education and support

Exam re-tests can be purchased for $35.

After registering for the course, you will have access for 1 year.  However, all materials are available for you to download (including a detailed PDF with all the content for each module — over 50,000 words of text!).  So you will have access to the course content for life.

Both our online course and live workshop teach our Performance Training Approach, so either education will teach you our 3-stage programming approach, session breakdown, and assessment protocol.  The online course often goes into more detail, but the live workshops provide the benefit of discussion, Q&A, and hands-on practice.  So often it is a personal preference.  The following items are included in the online course, but NOT in the live training:

  • Information on Pregnancy Weight Gain and Nutrition
  • Information on managing Pre/Postnatal Psychological Changes
  • Guidance on Client In-Take Questionnaire
  • Detailed text of each module (workshop provides powerpoint of presentation), and self-checks

Also, the following items are included in the course, but must be purchased separately if taking the workshop:

  • Programming templates and 12 sample workouts
  • Movement assessment checklist
  • Client In-Take Forms
  • Video Exercise Library
  • Client Handouts and Templates
  • Opportunity to be featured on website as PROnatal Certified Trainer and receive on-going education and support.

In general, you can receive largely the same things at the same price from each offering if you attend the workshop, and purchase the post-workshop package where the above items are offered (with the exception of the higher CEU value from the course).  You just have to weigh what you value more from a learning perspective — detailed, self-paced online learning or live training with discussion and hands-on practice.

We are happy to answer any questions you have!  Email us at or give us a call at 516-778-9468.

This course is a MUST for any trainer who wishes to provide top quality training to prenatal and postpartum women! PROnatal Fitness's approach to training is incredibility beneficial as it equips you with everything you need to help your clients successfully manage their journeys -- from pregnancy through childbirth and the critical transition into motherhood. From program design to psychological considerations, this course has it ALL!

Heather Cannaday, NASM Certified Personal Trainer

I have done multiple pre and post natal training courses (in person and online), and this course is by far the most comprehensive training I have come across. Even though it was my 4th pre/postnatal training, I learned new things I had not learned in any of my previous courses. It was very informative, and clearly well researched, yet still so clear, simple, and easy-to-understand.

Lisa Reinschmidt, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Pre/Postnatal Wellness Coach

I am a personal trainer and new mom, and went through my pregnancy worried about exercising. I learned so much from taking this course, and found the information so incredibly comforting. I just wish I would have found this course before having my first child! I will definitely recommend this course to other trainers!

Ashley Morgan, Personal Trainer

I found this course was the perfect answer to the many questions women have about pregnancy and training. There are so many "old wives tales" and myths about what is safe and not safe during pregnancy, but the simple, clear, evidence-based information in this course really helped clarify things for me. I regularly quote advice from the course to friends and clients alike!

Ellen Janzen, Group Fitness Instructor

Interested in Live Training?

Join us for a 9-hr Live Training in a city near you.  While our online course is our most comprehensive education (providing more detail and some additional topics not included in our live training), our workshops do offer the invaluable benefit of discussion and hands-on practical work.  Interested in both?  Course registrants receive $100 off a live training.  After registering for (or completing)  the course, just find the workshop you’d like to attend and contact us to register.  We’ll apply the discount.

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